Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was spent enjoying a chili and grilled cheese supper with Ms. Dawne and the Booth's, a missionary couple on survey of the northern part of Portugal. We entertained ourselves while waiting on midnight with wimpy fireworks (my favorite) and shaking the meanness out of Justice which seemed to get worse as the night drew on and the more red kool-aid and chocolate cake he ate.

Justice managed a right to the chin.

But Daddy always wins with tickling.

David and Sarah Booth

Michael & Bro. Booth playing with Justice's Christmas present.

Faith reading up on the happenings in the world.

Major wishing the fireworks would end.

Tigra giving me her evil eye.

Here's a short video clip of us out in front of our house enjoying the firework show that began at midnight. The entire sky was lit up with fireworks coming from every village around us. We were told that these kind of fireworks are illegal, but it looked like everyone had them but us. Hmmmm? Turn your volume up!

Here's a short video clip of some of our very wimpy fireworks.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! That looked like a cool Christmas gift. Are they boats?

Hey, did you decide on a name for Mr. Mean Mixer?

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures.

Also, I'm really excited about having your husband writing for us over at the Baptist Muse. I don't know if I already said that, but just in case.

Starla said...

Well it looks like you had fun. I like the wimpy fireworks.

TCKK said...

Wow, now that's some fireworks. Even the "wimpy" ones seem pretty cool to me.

Pam said...

The kiddos didn't seem to mind that they were wimpy! They looked about like the ones we had here in our yard!

Sandy Sellers said...

Hey Nina,
We met Bro. David at a missions conference in Milan, TN earlier this year before we started on deputation. looks like you had a good time of fellowship.
love ya,