Saturday, February 21, 2009

6 Down - 58 To Go

Boy, did you guys give me some questions or what?! I thought I may get one or two. Figured you guys were tired of pictures of cobble stone streets and hundred year old buildings, but apparently not! I'm going to go on a photo safari soon and take pictures of the mundane thing in life that you guys might think interesting. For example, did you know we have to put money in the buggies at the grocery store? When you return the buggy you get your money back. Most grocery stores sell grocery bags at 3 cents a piece. Or you can buy reusable bags that they encourage you to use.

The most asked question was... Why Portugal? I did a post a week before we left the States answering this. Here is a link explaining how God worked in our lives. Why Portugal?

Some of you want to know if 5 kids are enough? Well.....I'll just say this.....probably.

Now....moving right along.

Steph at Red Clay Diaries wanted to know where my header pictures was taken? Although this same scene could be found in any major city across Portugal, this one was taken in our city, Barcelos....several hours away from Lisbon. Sorry Steph.

Many wanted to know about shopping. We have malls just like in the States although not many of the same stores and everything here is more expensive. We have stores that have cheaper items similar to dollar stores and we have open area markets where we can buy just about anything one would need for their home.

Jungle Mom wanted to know how Michael got to writing for The La Grange Daily News. Well Rita, La Grange is where we lived when he pastored prior to deputation. He contacted the editor and asked if she'd like to have some articles written by a former La Grange resident with a view of life living in Western Europe. To make a long story short, he now has an article published every Monday. As you can tell most seem to be political in nature, but at times he writes about family life. They don't like when he gets 'preachy'.

Fringegirl wants to know the best advice I've ever received. That's a hard one but I guess I'd have to say this: It was our last service at our home church before we left Birmingham headed for La Grange, GA. Our Pastor (my uncle) was talking to us in his office. He looked me right in the eye after giving my husband some advice about becoming a Pastor for the first time and he said to me, "And you, young lady, keep your mouth shut! Your my family...I know you!!"

This says a lot about me doesn't it?! My mouth always gets me in trouble. James is one of my favorite books in the Bible. Says a lot about the tongue.

More answers to come......


Betty said...

This is really interesting. Can´t wait for more answers!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got great advice! Thanks for sharing.

There are stores in NY that require you to put change in the machine before they will give you a cart. Prevents cart know how much we all want a grocery cart for our home.


The Herd said...

What a great tangible post! I see many similarities...the money in the cart, the bags costing money...ours are a bit cheaper, but still not free....malls...different stores--although we do have a Claire's.
Oh, that advice your uncle gave--he must be very confident that you could swallow it! It's good advice for us women, but sometimes hard to do, eh?!

Jill said...

"Keep your mouth shut." Definitely excellent advice for any pastor's wife! : )

Pilar Stark said...

Love this kind of post, help those of us that do not know you personally to get to know you better. I will go back to your post about Why portugal? before I ask any other questions.
Oh, btw. The little parts I saw here and there of your house make it look like you have a beautiful home. Would love to see some pics :)

Ps.Keep you month shut is a great advice for many of us wether we are pastor's wifes, missionary wifes or just wifes :)

Jen said...

Yeah, we have to pay for grocery bags here, too. I try to use the reusable ones. If I can just remember to bring them with me! After 2 yrs, sometimes I still forget.

It's such a great idea to see if people have questions. I know we get a lot of questions about Africa. Some are funny, some you can't believe, others are very good!

Mom said...

Nina remember the Western Supermarket in Trussville? Well it closed and the grocery store thats in there now has the buggy thing that you have to pay a quarter and you get it back when you return the buggy... and they charge for bags too..... its coming this way!!
Love you

Holly said...

I am looking forward to the rest of the questions and answers! But, I never get tired of reading about the mundane things in other people's lives ~ they aren't mundane to me. :~)

Good for you on taking your uncle's advice and not being afraid to share that! It is so hard to keep the mouth shut, but sometimes so much simpler in the long run.

Have a wonderful week!

Starla said...

I love your header photo and I too have a problem keeping my mouth shut.

TCKK said...

Great post and looking forward to learning more!

Tori said...

Okay now these were way too much fun. Only like a 1000 more to go right?

Leah said...

Nina, I loved that little peek into your life. I just took a trip to Trussville last week. :)

SoonerAggieMom said...

Hi Nina,
I just found your blog from Queen Beeeeeee. What an interesting life you're leading. I look forward to reading more about it.


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for answering! Is there a way I could receive all his articles? I always enjoy them, and I love politics, could they be sent by email perhaps?