Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If I Were A Cartoon....

I would look like this:

Please notice the beautifully clear complexion, straight smile and full hair.

I kind of like this 'new' me. Only problem with the 'Animated Nina' is that I don't have earrings on. I ALWAYS wear earrings. I don't feel properly dressed without them. Looking at this picture makes me feel vulnerable...insecure.... naked. Why would the artist leave off my earrings?! I feel a mama fit coming on and maybe a refund in the making.

Well anyway....with all that said I still like it better than this one....

Pimples, crooked smile, thin ratty hair.....wait let's go back to the 'pimples' part.

I'm very, very close to officially being in my mid thirties. Why in the world do I still get pimples?! At 14, 15, 16 and 17, I waited patiently on my turbulent teens to pass. I just new that once I entered my twenties, my complexion would clear up and become one of those 'peaches and cream complexions' that southern gals are proud of.

Well....I'm still waiting....so for now you'll see me around bloggy world as the new and improved, Animated Nina!!


Tori said...

Okay now that's funny. I like your photo better.

BTw, I'm still battling pimples and I'm on the dark side of 30.

Oh well...

Jill said...

I like animated Nina, but I still your real picture better. Ever since I started following your blog, I've envied your photogenic qualities.
As for pimples, I am (ahem!) a few years older than you and I still get them. I think it might save time if I simply applied the chocolate to my face instead of eating it!

TCKK said...

Don't feel bad. I'm 51 and still waiting for that complexion too!!

Pilar Stark said...

Who ´animated¨you? IT is pretty cool :)
You are too hard on yourself, you look just fine :) I don´t say you look beatiful (although I am thinking it) because you seem a little like me on that I don´t take that kind of possitive feedback well :)
I nver had pimples. but lately.... once a month I get them and they stay forever. I have worse complexion now that back in my teens years..... go figure

Amrita said...

I like the cartoon but the real you is prettier Nina.

Betty said...

I like the real you (with one little pimple!) better! :) You are beautiful and in the "real" picture I can see the joy in your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Toothpaste is my pimple cream.

I like your little cartoon person!

I think you look better though.


Dani Joy said...

Love Jill and FringeGirl´s comments! LOL! and I am with Pilar! I was thinking Wow! You look so good! Love your dancing eyes! You got mischief there and that´s for sure! ;)
I just can´t wait to get to hang out with you in a month and a half!
The cartoon is cute.

Starla said...

I like your cartoon it is very good. I never had pimples when I was a teenager. It is a different story now a days though.

Janice: AKA Nanny said...

Dear Nina,
I hate to be the bearer of even worse tidings, but I am 61 and if I didn't use "Acne Free" I would still have pimpels. One still jumps out as if to say "got cha" every once in a while.

I like your cartoon picture but I love the real you. Like compliments or not, I think you are beautiful inside and out.

I figured out how to enable my comments. Thanks. Maybe I will pick up some followers. I have to figure out how to put myself on your list of stalkers.

Love you.

Tammy said...

How fun to see yourself animated! I'd like to try that sometime.

But I do like the real photo better. It looks friendlier.

And, hey, I'm still waiting for a more "mature" complexion, too!! :op

Marytoo said...

I think you are beautiful.

Nina in Portugal said...

Awwww...you guys are too sweet!!

Thank you for your nice comments and encouraging words.

You really know how to make a girls day!

Mom said...

I was rubbing on my chin just yesterday.. you know what I felt? Yep one of those small red bumps that hurt so much. Im 52yrs young (I think) and still every once in awhile get a zit. So my dear daughter get over it.