Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grocery Price Update

I was just scanning through some of my older posts when I came across this.

Shortly after arriving in Portugal I compiled this list of random costs. Looking back over it, I'm shocked at my ignorance! It's taken some time, but I've been able to find things I thought didn't exist and I've learned where to shop for the best deals. Original post in red. Update in black.

In American Dollars:

Plastic clothes hangers: $3.00 for 3 - I have more than I need now! Some kind folks mailed us some, and I brought some when we came. But the problem is that there aren't closets built in the houses here. So we fold most of our clothes.

Sour Cream: It doesn't exist...ughhh - It does exist, I just had to experiment with several packages of what looked like sour cream to find it. And get this, it's called "fresh cheese"!

Worcestershire sauce: $4.50 for small bottle - I've found an off brand for $1.50.

Kiwi: $2.25 for 2.2 lbs - This is still pretty accurate, maybe about $2.00 for 2.2 lbs. (The exchange rate is better right now.)

Furniture: don't even ask! - I can't get over how much some things cost, but we've discovered IKEA! When we need furniture in the future, we'll go there.

Oranges: Free in yard! - And boy are they good!

Tangerines: Free in yard! - Nummy, nummy!

Lemons: Free in yard! - Fresh squeezed lemonade, anytime! - And don't forget the pears, plumbs, cherries, figs, peaches and apples that are in the yard at various times throughout the year!

5 Liter Bottle Water: .60 cents - Now it's about 50 cents. But an individual bottle of water 'off brand' is 12 cents a bottle. You buy them individually here.

3 bags microwave popcorn: $6.00 - Wow....I hope I didn't buy any at this price! I can find them now for about $1.50.

Peanut butter: doesn't exist - A grocery store near me has started carrying Jiffy. It's almost $5.00 for a very small jar. I don't buy it. We have a precious church in Kimberly, AL that sends us peanut butter when we need it.

Kool-aid: doesn't exist - But we have plenty thanks to you good folks!

Cheap high chair..not so cheap: $55.00 - We're done with baby items!! My babies aren't so "baby' anymore.

Size 10 ladies shoe: doesn't exist - Hey..I lost a little weight and I can fit in the largest size here now! One of the many benefits to loosing weight.

Cheapest small bottle of hair conditioner: $4.50 - Again, I've found it cheaper and I usually always buy the off brand. It's about $2,00.

Smallest bottle of baby powder: $4.00 - Aren't off brands great! I get it now for about 1$.

Ranch dressing: doesn't exist - But we stay stocked cause of you!!

Awesome cup of coffee: .60 cents - Coffee prices are the same.

Fresh baked rolls.. the chewy kind: .15 cents ea. - I try to stay away from these, although a good roll is wonderful from time to time. Same price.

Weed eater: $375.00-guess we'll pull by hand - A little cheaper today....we finally broke down and bought one this summer. We were getting eat up with weeds.

Carrots: .50 cents for 2.2 lbs. - Lots of carrots get eaten around here....same price today.

Tea bags: $6.50 for average size box - Found the off brand and it's $1.50 for 20 teabags (individual cup size)

You know, the problem is not that everything is expensive, cause it's really not once you figure out how to shop. The problem that we have is that the packaging is so small I have to buy several of everything for my family. That's how it adds up. It's only getting worse too, cause they are getting bigger and eating much more....oh my, what will I do when they are all teens?! My only consolation is that I have 4 girls and they tend to eat less. But that wasn't the case when I was a teen...was it Mom?!


Mom said...

You weren't that bad. Its like you said its because there are so many of you... We also had 4 kido's to feed. The one thing I remember about your eating habit was I always had to make you put on an old shirt when you ate spaghetti!
You know why!
I love you and hope your enjoying this quiet week.
PS.. did you make it to the zoo?

Jill said...

We had the same problem with packaging in Uganda. Six kids--very small packaged items. Everybody stared when I shopped!

Betty said...

Same here with the packaging. That´s the one thing that always amazes me when I go to visit Canada. The packages, be it cereal, toilet paper or other things all come in HUGE portions.

Tracy said...

I wish we had the fruit trees like that here in TN!

That would be great!

I love oranges!

I do have 2 cherry trees in my yard! They were super sweet this year too. I just wish I know what to do with them?? You can't make cherry jam can ya? ;o)

Tracy said...

I wish we had the fruit trees like that here in TN!

That would be great!

I love oranges!

I do have 2 cherry trees in my yard! They were super sweet this year too. I just wish I know what to do with them?? You can't make cherry jam can ya? ;o)

Becka said...

I see you are still always looking for a deal.
I always wished I was as good as you
in that department,
Wish I had some of that fruit,,

Love you ,thanks for the sweet comment, I will be looking for my plan ticket in the mail,lol

Tori said...

Wow, prices have really changed or your Portuguese is much better now!

Love the new blog look!