Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Rolls On

After months of endless rain, cold winds and damp houses, the rainy season has finally ended.

And it's very difficult for me to stay indoors. Right now, the sun is shining so bright and beautiful in the kitchen window that I can't concentrate on what I'm supposed to be writing for the longing to hurry, get dressed and go outside!

And since my laptop doesn't have a battery, I'm not doing much blogging from the yard.

(making soup)

Last weekend we had a baptism at the river. Here are a few pictures.

Newly ordained Pastor Maicon, here from Brazil helping the Baptist churches in our area, performing his first baptism.

Singing on the river bank.

Me and my love.

My babies.

My kids trying to walk across the river without getting wet. Or at least that's what they said they were trying to do.

This is what ended up happening.....

Trinity - "Mom I made it across!! I'm the only one!"
Mom - "Just get in...everyone else is wet!"


It was a good day filled with lots of laughter, fellowship and great food.

This is what they looked like on the ride home.

I know I've been scarce lately, but please be patient with me. I need all the Vitamin D I can get.

Hope summer is going well for you,


Jill said...

Great pictures. I can't believe how big your children are getting!

Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Dear Nina,
Glad things are going well with you. I missed you but know life goes on and you just need to do all the things a wife and mother needs to do. But I am glad for the pictures and update:)

Dani Joy said...

Gorgeous blog make over and gorgeous post!! Praising the Lord for the baptisms! For Vitamin D, and for Summer!!!

Thanks for being such a great neighbor, friend and sister!
Love ya,
Dani Joy

Betty said...

That last picture is hilarious! You can really tell, they were "out of it"!! I love the new blogheader and your new blog look! Your kids seem like such a great bunch.They know where they can get their fun. :) How can you hold a child back from water....?

Pam said...

What pretty photos, especially the blond headed children!

Rob van Hegelsom said...

Hi Nina

I stumbled on your blog and I have to admit that I enjoyed reading it.
You really know how to keep people fascinated. Also good to promote Portugal :-)

We came 2 years ago from the Netherlands and enjoy it here a lot. Also the guests we have in our guesthouse 'Borboleta no Monte' love it here.

Indeed, Geres is amazing. So many hiking tracks......

Best regards from dutch people in Ponte, Vila Verde