Sunday, August 14, 2011


He breaks wind?
You decide.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emotional times.......

Although we've had a blast this summer, it's not been without our share of sickness. This past week was no exception. A stomach bug found it's way into our lives last Sunday and has hung around for the last few days. Our time spent in LaGrange has been mostly nursing sick kids back to health. However, we've been blessed with the opportunity to stay with precious friends, and have dined with others that attended Living Waters when we were here. Last night we had a special service at The church.

A time to reflect on what God has done and is doing in northern Portugal. Neighboring churches were invited to attend and represented last night were representatives from 6 different supporting churches as well as friends from all around this area.

The service was an emotional time for me. Many thoughts running threw my head and heart. But mostly I was celebrating God's Goodness and blessings in my life.

Each of these pictures contain faces....precious souls.....

People that have made a difference in our lives.

God has done so much since our departure in 2006 and we praise His name for His blessings on these people.

Thank You Living Waters Baptist Church and Bro. Richard for hosting the meeting. And a special thank you to all that traveled quite a way to attend.

The new church building is beautiful!

We are already looking forward to seeing you again on our next furlough......

To see what God has done in another 4 years!

LaGrange, Ga is a special place because it contains precious people.....Gods people, that we love!

Thanks Y'all!

Prayers from LaGrange,