Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nanny and PaPaw

Nanny and Papaw arrived safely after 4 flights and 24 hours of travel.

They arrived safe and sound. However, 3 of their 4 pieces of luggage have yet to make it. These bags contained not only all of Papaw's clothes, but Christmas gifts for our family. Won't you help us pray they make it to Portugal soon?

We spent a little time on the coast this afternoon. It was cool, rainy and extremely windy...so our time was limited. But it was a lot of fun.

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas! We are thrilled to have Michael's Mom and Stepdad visiting us....our blessings just keep coming.....God is Good!

More soon.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Open Invitation

Ever dreamed of spending Christmas in Europe?

Well, now's your chance.


Well, the vineyards and cornfields of northern Portugal might not be Paris, France....but it's Europe none the less. Complete with man purses, wonderful coffee....and...the Andrzejewski family!!

Not only will we leave the light on for you, we'll leave the door open too....(we sound desperate don't we?)

This past weekend was full of activities for the kids. My camera flashed all weekend. I don't think I have a folder on my computer with as many photos as I have in my December 2009 one!

If you come visit us this Christmas you have to be gone by next Monday.

Want to know why?!

Because Nanny and Papaw are coming to see us!! Whoooo Hoooo!

This picture was taken the last time we saw them. Almost two years ago, at the airport when we left for Portugal. They helped us carry all 5 kids and 17 trunks to the airport in Nashville, I think it was. Only to watch us walk down the runway to board a plane for another country. With no promise of our return for many years. They watched as 5 of their grand babies walked away...pulling behind them their little backpacks.

Grandparents sacrifice for missions. They stay behind, cry and pray. They remain strong and support their children and grandchildren living abroad. They learn how to work video calls on the computer, send packages at the cheapest rate and immediately think of what time it is "over there" when they pick up the phone to call.

Grandparents of missionary kids are my heroes!

My picture folder on my computer is about to get MUCH larger!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

God's Promises

Some days here in northern Portugal I often wonder if the rain will ever stop.

Rain, wind and gray skies that never seem to let up.

I never knew how much I needed the sun, until I went an entire month without seeing it last January.

Now I never take a pretty day for granted. Always giving thanks to God for sunny skies and having a need for sun glasses.

A few days ago after a long night of rain pelleting against the window and wind so strong it sounded as if the clay tiles were rising on the roof, I walked out the door to find this....

A full rainbow! I could actually see both ends! Contrary to popular belief, there were no pots of gold, but rather corn fields and vineyards.

I know what the Bible says....but ashamedly that doesn't stop me from questioning His word at times.

But on this morning His promises were so clear, so loud and so very beautiful!

I couldn't help but to repent.

God is Faithful!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just Plain Beautiful

Man....this makes me homesick!

The Army vs. Navy football game is this weekend!

Go ARMY beat Navy!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Holiday?!

Tomorrow is a holiday in Portugal. The kids are out of school.

It's Immaculate Conception Day.

Yep, a holiday to celebrate the virgins miraculous conception.

I don't have a problem with it really...a holiday is a holiday and I'm for any day that I can sleep in.

But my thought is this....Mary either had a really short or VERY long pregnancy, if she delivered on the 25th.

If pregnancies were only two weeks long, I might would have a few more kids.

Kidding Mom....Dad....I was only kidding.

Seriously, it doesn't even have anything to do with Mary's pregnancy, but rather when Mary herself was conceived. Explain that one to me please. (Wait.....I wasn't born yesterday, I know how it happened. But why is it considered immaculate?)

Here's a quick family update:

My husband is recovering from a very weird virus that left his body almost crippled. He's doing somewhat better. He's able to hold and use his toothbrush now....we're all thankful for that.

My son is still potty training. They always say it takes longer to train a boy. After 4 girls, I'm beginning to think potty training a boy is going to take as long as it is for me to learn to speak Portuguese.....correctly, anyway.

Trinity, who has been in school for almost 3 months now, responds to me in Portuguese more than she does English. She actually understand the cartoons on TV now and she plays fairly well with her classmates. That's IF they don't tell her she's not the prettiest girl in the school. Because Trinity is convinced otherwise.

Liberty, who has been seeing a pulmonary specialist has experienced quite a bit of relief from her allergy symptoms and coughing episodes. For this we are grateful. At least the hours we've spent in the doctors office have done some good, because all he seems to want to talk about is our large American family and how "deliciously intriguing" we are. (His words, not mine.) Strange I know. He even took out his cell phone and took our picture.

Brooklyn...well, I'm not sure how she's doing. I'll ask her when she finishes this book.

Faith is trying to convince me we need to keep the stray Husky that has wandered into our yard and refuses to leave. Michael even refers to it as my "step-dog" saying I can let him sleep in the dog house outside while Major enjoys the comforts of our home. He's temporarily been named "Private". Major is in charge around here, and Private knows it. But as long as he keeps howling at the moon and killing my neighbors rabbits, he will soon be called "Dead".

Me? Well, I'm enjoying the Christmas season. Praising the Lord for another soul saved last night at church. Orlando, a man we've asked many of you to pray for for a long time now, accepted Christ as His Savior last night! We praise the Lord, but still ask you to remember him in prayer as he still has quite a struggle ahead of him. We're in the process of moving into a new church building, which we desperately need. God worked out all the details and we are encouraged about the ministry here in northern, Portugal.

We are blessed!