About Me

Hi, I'm Nina. The wife of the most handsome man in the world, and the mother of the five coolest kids in the world! Brooklyn (15) Faith (14) Liberty (13) Trinity (10) and Justice (8)---We are baptist missionaries to the country of Portugal.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

~I drink entirely too much coffee.
~I told my Mom at 14 that I would marry Michael Andrzejewski. I'm a woman of my word.
~Most strangers think my Mom is my sister.
~I'm terrified of open area heights.
~I adore my husband. He makes it easy.
~I could never eat meat again and be fine with that.
~I wish I had a fancy camera (I got one!!  Yipee!) and dark room...and a commercial sized kitchen.
~I don't like talking on the phone. I did enough of that when I was 14.
~If it's sunny, you'll find me outdoors.
~I'm training for a 5 K if I can find one to run in that's NOT on a Sunday!
~I don't like 'slow moving people'. Unless you have a medical condition....get a move on!
~I love hanging clothes on the line, the smell of the pavement after a brief, summer rain and brownies...not necessarily in that order.

Thanks for stopping by!  God Bless You!