Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 'Pox' Lives On....

Last week it was Justice.

This week, Brooklyn.

Next week, I'm predicting Faith since she feels like Brooklyn did last down, head ache, low grade fever and sore throat.

Motherhood....I tell you's been a while since I've had a Mama Fit!

Chicken Pox

A spot. A spot. Another spot.
Uh - oh! Chicken pox!
Under my shirt. Under my socks.
Itchy, itchy chicken pox.
Don't rub - don't scratch.
Oh - no! Another batch!
On my tummy. Between my toes.
Down my back. On my nose!
Lotion on. Itching is gone - just for now.
It comes back - Owe!
One and two and three and four.
Five and six and more and more.
Daddy counted my itchy spots.
Lots and lots of chicken pox.
Itchy, itchy
I feel twitchy!
I rest, I read, I eat, I play.
I feel better every day.
And then . . .
No new spots. Hooray!
I'm okay!

Author Unknown

I've not been able to attend a church service in 2 weeks. And I won't be going for another week now that I have another one that requires Mom's love here at home. Pray for us all please. We have a busy weekend planned with activities at the church and Michael will be preaching for a fellow missionary on Sunday. I hate that he will go alone, or at least without me. It's never the same he says, when I'm not there. I guess you pastor's wives understand what I'm talking about.

Brooklyn has had the varivax vaccination that's supposed to keep her from getting Chicken Pox. Any of you had kids that still got them after the vaccine?

Ichingly Yours,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This and That

It's really very cool that the schools here in Portugal will allow you to bring a cake and celebrate your kids birthday. Brooklyn wanted me to make a giant cookie for her birthday party, but I had to make two of them because those kids LOVE my desserts! It's the sugar....the desserts here in Portugal aren't nearly as sweet as the ones we Americans make!

I always try to make something different. The kids loved the giant cookie. They said they'd never seen a cookie so big!

We celebrated mother's day the same day as you guys did in the States. Here are a few pictures from Mother's day at church.

This week has been so nice. The weather is absolutely beautiful! I'm having a hard time staying indoors.

However, I'm mothering a very sick boy that has the chicken pox....he is so pitiful. Would you say a prayer for him?

Hope you guys are enjoying your week......

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback

My first three children were born very close together. Then there seemed to be a little breathing room before #4 and eventually #5 were born.

Having those three baby girls was so much fun but equally as much days were almost a blur!

This was one Sunday after church. They were sitting on the guest bed. I believe it was a weekend when their Mimi was visiting us. We were living in Georgia.

This was taken at our favorite Pumpkin Patch, just outside of Atlanta. We loved that place!!

And here was the first day of school 2004.

Tonight I'll take them all to basketball practice...they sure grow up fast!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Saturday was Brooklyn's 11th Birthday. We had a pic-nic planned, but the weather was nasty, so she decided she'd like to go get a hair cut instead. So she and I spent a few hours out together at the salon and then a cafe for pastries and coffee.

She'd recently gone shopping and had purchased some really cute dresses that make her look, well, like the pre-teen that she is. So I think she wanted a new hair cut to go with those dresses.

These are her 'after' pictures:

Last night at church we had a party to celebrate a few birthdays. Trinity and Brooklyn were included. Here is a picture of them praying after we sang happy birthday.....

well....we were supposed to be praying...Trinity looks like she's getting ready for bed. honor of Brooklyn's 11th birthday, here are the top 11 reasons why I love my precious daughter:

  1. She's considerate and sensitive.
  2. She's an excellent student and always does her best in whatever she attempts to do.
  3. She's maturing into a precious, young christian lady who loves to hear the story of her birth.
  4. She loves her Daddy and will defend him till she is red in the face.
  5. She recognizes when I'm stressed out and offers to help without pointing out that she knows I'm stressed.
  6. She's easy to please and grateful for what she gets.
  7. She reads better than I do...In two languages.
  8. She shares her room with her 3 year old brother without fussing....well, without much fussing.
  9. Although she misses friends and family, she thinks living in Portugal is pretty cool.
  10. She tells me how skinny I am.
  11. She's mine! Thank You Lord!
Now, aren't you jealous you don't have a cool 11 year old like this living with you?!


Have a great week ya'll!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's day....Sister's Day....whatever

Everywhere we go together, folks say my Mom looks like my in honor of "Young Looking Moms"......

Happy Sister's Day!!

I Love You Mom!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Trinity!

Our fourth and youngest daughter Trinity turned 6 yesterday. It is so amazing how fast they grow. How smart they become. How quickly they become so independent.

Yet, at the same time, can still be impressed with a box of crayons and markers!

They were out of school yesterday for a local holiday, so we celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes and a family outing.

We had a Amaka, our basketball playing friend stay the night with us, so she was here for our early morning celebration.

Then today, as is our tradition here in Portugal, we celebrated with her class. Trinity agreed that we have so many "parties" for each of their birthday's (home, church and school) that cake gets old, so she decided on a banana pudding.

"Hey..scoot that a little closer, please!"

much better

Trinity is passing out balloons and suckers as a little memento.

Her singing with her class after the party.

Since she turned 6, I'll list 6 things that I love about her:

  1. Trinity is the best language teacher I could ask for! She talks to me in Portuguese without hesitation and will correct me without blinking. I've learned a lot from this little girl!
  2. Even though she's the youngest girl, and 4th out of 5 kids, she is a FANTASTIC big sister! Taking care of Justice comes natural to her. I've missed having her at home with me this school year. Justice was lost without her.
  3. She's my only "cuddler". Even though she snores like her Papaw, I love to take naps with her.
  4. She's thankful. While holding my hand yesterday afternoon, she said, "Mom, I forgot to tell you thank you for my birthday gifts you gave me this morning." Makes me want to give her something else!! A grateful child is a beautiful child indeed!
  5. She's helpful. Dishes are a pleasure when she's on a chair next to me. And being the great big sister that she is, she always makes room for Justice and gives him a hand towel, explaining the proper way to dry dishes.
  6. She's Mine!! Thank you Lord!
I hope you're all having a great week, we sure are!