Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What an Honor

God could have chosen anyone, but He chose us. What a blessing, but at the same time, what a responsibility! Portugal is a beautiful country, but it's a country desperately in need of missionaries. Want to go?


Tabatha said...

You ask if I wanna go? Sure! As soon as the Lord says go, we're on our way!

I have a feeling you'll be visiting the pizza man regularly? Be his top customers and we'll see him saved in no time! LOL! (Either that, or we'll see y'all put on some extra baggage! Hehe!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are so blessed to be called of the Lord. While at Christmas I think of it like Mary did... you are blessed and highly favored of the Lord. I can imagine that the culture shock won't be quite so crazy since you've spent some good time over there. You'll have to fill me in on the Pizza Guy. I've been praying for him. I look so forward to seeing the girls at Christmas. Give me your address when you get there and I'll try to send a subscription to the paper there. It'll make you feel a little closer to the states =) {I would say closer to home, but I realize that Portugal will be home then... so I used the states..... just if you were wondering.} I love each of your guys and keep me posted on your new blog posts... I really enjoy them and they help me to remember to pray for you guys more often!!!! LOVE< DANIELLE