Sunday, March 2, 2008

Please Pray For My Grandma

This is "Grandma". She is in need of our prayers. The Dr. seems to think she may have lung cancer. They will do a biopsy on Monday. Please pray for her. ---Normally, she is the one praying for everyone else. ---This is hard for me....I'm across the Atlantic Ocean and not in the hospital room with her...pray for me too.

First, thank you for your prayers for Grandma. She has been in very good spirits this week as she waited for surgery to determine if she had cancer or not. Her testimony has been an encouragement to all who've had the opportunity to talk to her. She'd be the first to tell you not to worry about her cause her God is in control and she is ok which ever way this thing goes. God showed her just a little glimpse of His Glory! Revealing to her His omnipresence...He can be anywhere in the world at the same time. Hearing the prayers of people in Portugal, India, Alaska and Alabama at the same time that He is wrapping His arms around her as she lay in the hospital bed. And for this, I am eternally grateful.
The doctors confirmed today that she does indeed have cancer. We're waiting on a visit from the oncologist tomorrow to find out more information. Please know how grateful I am for your prayers thus far, but please don't stop now as her struggle, and ours, is just beginning. God Bless each of you.


Tori said...

Hey I'm praying for Grandma, and for peace for you. I know how hard that is. Since we have been in Croatia our Grandma has had cancer 3 times and it was very hard not to be with her. Before the days of Vonage we spent lots of money on phone calls. °Ü°

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,
Went to see grandma today and she looks great.Her sprits are up and she knows that Father is watching over her.We had the best time talking and laughing together.Just thought you'd want to know that.I'm praying for all of you to, I know how hard this is for you,I really do.
We love you !!!!