Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guest Blogger and Lettuce Patches

This post is courtesy of my husband, Michael, who will appear from time to time as a guest blogger with all sorts of wonderful information. So, without any further delay.........introducing Michael Andrzejewski.

Thank you, thank you. I have heard so much about this wonderful blog and wanted to share just a few of my thoughts. As many of you know, we recently plowed up a good portion of our yard so that we could have a vegetable garden this summer. We received some help from some new found friends and have been working diligently, whenever the rain subsides. Today was the first nice day we have had here in about two weeks, so Nina and I worked in the yard this afternoon. While I was raking rocks and plowed up weeds out of the garden area, the girls called to me that our neighbor wanted to see me over at our normal meeting place - the rock wall that separates our properties. When I arrived at the rock wall, Vino was holding five heads of lettuce out to me. He explained that I needed to take off the large pieces on the outside and leave the core and smaller pieces to plant. We spoke for a few minutes about the weather, when I should plant tomatoes and cucumbers, and more importantly, when he could help me - before we parted ways. I called Nina over and explained to her what Vino said so she could take off the outer pieces of lettuce and we could plant the "cores" in our garden. So, that now makes 48 "feet" as they call them in Portuguese of lettuce in our garden. We have 43 that are very small and 5 that are mature that Vino gave us today. What will we do with all of that lettuce? We'll share of course.
Anyway, to the important part - just after I got saved, I remember a preacher once saying as he read through his text that we have in the Bible a lettuce patch. Initially, I was unsure of what he was saying, until finally hearing him read from the 12th chapter of Hebrews, "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, LET US lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and LET US run with patience the race that is set before us..." I count 13 times in 12 verses throughout Hebrews where we are admonished with these words - LET US. Think on this. Let us, which means that we should allow ourselves as believers in Christ and members of His body to...fear (4:1), labor (4:11), hold fast our profession (4:14), come boldly unto the throne of grace (4:16), go on unto perfection (6:1)....well, you get the hint. That is just in the first six chapters of Hebrews. Consider the lettuce (let us) throughout the Bible and we have a lot to consider. Seeing all of the lettuce in our garden just made me think about some of these things like going on to perfection and laying aside those things which so easily beset us. Now, next time you sit down for salad, you just might consider your Christian duties, and our wonderful little Portuguese lettuce patch. If you do, please pray for us.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! Wish the other "let us's" were listed so I wouldn't have to look them up. :-)

Just today I picked Butter Leaf Lettuce from our tiny field and enjoyed the first fruit of our labor in the garden this year. God is so good. Just an old tub of dirt provided a place for that tiny 'core' of lettuce to grow and provide nourishment to us...also a picture of how God can 'grow' us if we're willing, then we in turn can nourish others so that they may know Christ also. He's a wonderful Lord!

My love and prayers are with you,


Tori said...

I know in Croatia the nationals always have a garden. They use every part of their land for produce, whether fruit of veggies. I guess Portugal is the same.

Sounds like you were blessed with some nice neighbors and how nice to meet at the "rock wall" for a little garden counsel.

The garden looks great and I'm sure the family will be enjoying the fruits of it real soon.

Oh yea and I love the "Let us" story!

Beka said...

Hope y'alls garden does well! We just planted a garden yesterday. This is our first time, but we're getting plenty advice from other people who have grown gardens for years. :-)

Lora's Life said...

Wow, I am so impressed with all the gardening. I want to know did Bro. Michael do the gardening in kahkis, shirt and sweater. In other words did he look Portugese?

Nina Andrzejewski said...
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Nina Andrzejewski said...

Well, now it looks like I have something to hide with my previous comment being deleted, huh?? Please know that I had a type-o and I didn't know how to fix it, so I just deleted it. I didn't know I'd leave that on there...

Ms. Lora,
Yes, he did garden in his kahkis and shirt. But no sweater though. So maybe there is still a little bit of the "southern boy' left in there...wait a minute...was there ever a "southern boy" in him to begin came out while we were in LaGrange...those were fun days! We miss you all in Lagrange!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Son. I enjoyed your guest blog. What is "adeus". Is that like "adeu" for good-by or amen or ? I so enjoy looking at your pictures and seeing what you all are doing. It makes me feel close. We are planning to come in October if all goes well. Plane fares look OK. Your new neice, Olivia, is a beautiful baby. Will send pictures soon.

I love you all.