Saturday, May 3, 2008

Festival Pictures

After Mimi finally decided to get out of bed this morning, we headed downtown to the festival. The typical "market" items were for sell, plus other rides, exhibits, and a parade to end the day. After seeing the crowds that had gathered to see the parade, we decided we'd hang out and wait on it. It had to be a good one cause of the number of people crowded around. We waited about 2 hours for it to begin. We even had front row "seats" in hopes of gathering all the candy we could. Well, it ended up being the most boring parade the girls had ever seen. No candy, no neat floats and not even one smile. It was a catholic parade. Mom reminded me in the middle of it that we had our work cut out for us. There was a lot of religion with no hope. It was a very sad & depressing parade. Here are a few pictures...


Tori said...

Wow, those are great picutres.
So glad your having a good time with your Mom!

Anonymous said...

I know you guys are all so happy to have Aunt Wanda there with you! Tell the girls happy birthday from the Pelkey's. The video of the reunion was so touching because I know that everyone was overwhelmed with emotions and excitement. It looked like the weather was nice for her first day in Portugal. I hope it stays nice. Sorry the parade wasn't all it was cracked up to be. But just think, your momma is there! Wahoo!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Wow, it must be so nice to have your momma there. Enjoy your time with her. It must be such a blessing to share your mission field with her, first hand. How exciting. I pray the Lord will give you all a wonderful time together.
Shannon Deese