Saturday, July 5, 2008

America's Day of Independence

I hope you all had a very nice "4th of July". We've had to remember to say, "America's Day of Independence" when we've talked about our holiday to the Portuguese people. Just saying.."It's 4th of July" doesn't make any sense to them!

We had a very nice time with our friends and fellow missionary family, the Loops. We ate ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs. Ms. Julie Loop even made one of those cute cakes that has the American flag on top made of berries. (no batteries were dead.) It was our first time to be out of the country for this holiday, so it was a special time. It was almost like we had a secret...we were celebrating while everyone else around us had no idea...what fun! Get was the 4th of July and the mail ran, all the stores were open, there were plenty of picnic tables available, and the only restaurant in town with ribs was completely empty when we walked in!!----If I look on the bright side...I don't think about my family get-together at Uncle Danny and Aunt Denise's that I missed.

We toured around just a little bit while visiting our are a few pictures:

Our first squash!! Boy were they good!

These birds had huge nests on the signs above the interstate...storks, we think.

Tori...these two pictures were for you.

Tigra, our new little kitten has had a pretty hard time getting to know Justice. Justice doesn't understand her and she can't understand why I would rescue her only to bring her to a house with a monster like him! We've had to keep a close eye on her because Justice thinks it's fun to sit on her and feel her wiggle her way to safety...I know...that's not funny. This afternoon, Trinity found her stuffed in a drawer. She said she hear a 'meow' and opened the drawer and there she was. Now the last person I saw with the kitten was Justice. So......go figure?!

Please, no one call PETA....we'll handle this.


Sandy Sellers said...

I love the picture with you and the kids. You look great. The kids look like they have grown a lot. Especially Brooklyn, she looks a lot older.
Love ya,

Tori said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. Again, I'm jealous, you have missionary friends... Okay enough self pity, I'm so glad you had a good time and yes I LOVE that window!

Holly said...

Very good picture of you and your children. Where do you get all the cute skirts for your girls? You made me laugh with the PETA comment. Tigra is a very pretty kitty!