Friday, August 8, 2008

Birthday's, Kids, Cats and Pizza

Happy Birthday to me!
I wasn't sure how I would react to having my first birthday in Portugal. Being away from everyone I love and everyone who may know it's my birthday. But after a morning like this one, how could I have ever thought it might be hard?! My precious children, who had worked for days on homemade gifts, woke me to shouts of "Happy Birthday" gave me a party hat and presented me with all their gifts. After that, my husband gave me money and sent me on a day long shopping trip all by myself. You may be thinking, "What fun is that?" But if you know me then you know I love to have a little 'alone' time, and it came at the perfect time. I even received calls from several Portuguese people wishing me a Happy Birthday, got a few cards in the mail from the States and had a few E-cards sent online. Then at church for the mid week prayer meeting the church folks had a little party for me after church. It was a good first birthday in Portugal!

Some people think Brooklyn is Portuguese. Wonder why? She blends in with the other girls her age very well.

This is our pitiful kitten I rescued from the mud puddle. She is doing well, but will always have few lingering problems. Tigra is a nice addition to our family. Justice is pretty rough with her, but she's a trooper. He lays down in the floor and wrestles with her. He really needs a dog, but I'm trying to make the cat work. Michael says there's nothing like a boy and his dog. I say, "He's got Tigra...she works just fine!" He says, "It's NOT 'Old Yeller the Cat!"

This is what I feel like. I'm on a deserted island with no home delivery. I wish someone would show up at my door with a pizza! I'm getting pretty good at making homemade ones, but I long for the simplicity of calling Dominoes.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Happy Birthday!!
It sounds like you had a wonderful day with so many special people.

Oh, and I know what you mean about Dominoes... We have one here, but their idea of toppings is a little crazy. Corn pizza, anyone?

Grace said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed all the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday. I tried to call several times but did not get anyone on the computer or phone. I love the party the girls had for you and what a great gift from Michael. I remember well the need for a little "alone time". I love you. Hope to talk soon.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Nina!!!
I meant to get a card in the mail to you a couple weeks ago -oops. I guess this post will have to do. :)
I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Nina! Oh, by the way, you've received a blog award! Please see my blog for details.

Starla said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your birthday. Your kitten is pretty, she reminds me of the cat my grandmother had. Maybe we can pray for someone to show up with a pizza. It could happen!!!

Tori said...

Wow, happy birthday Nina!!
What a precious family you have, love the hats!!

You don't have delivery? We have pizza delivery, actually several places have it here. We have them deliver every Monday for the kids while we are on date night. Have you asked if there is a place?

Oh well, happy birthday and have a great Lord's Day!

Jungle Mom said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Sorry I missed it, I was stranded in the airport in Sao Paolo, Brazil ! No wifi.

Anonymous said...

Get that boy a dog! After all, spell it backwards and see what Justice will have.

Nina in Portugal said...

We are too far out in a village to get delivery. I've only seen one restaurant deliver in the city and they are on scooters with a box strapped to the back that holds the food. Kinda funny looking. Anyway, no pizza delivery for us. We have a few small restaurants in our village (no pizza though)and if we called them and asked them to deliver they probably would, but then we would be seen as the "lazy, spoiled Americans". Which is a label we try to avoid. ---But I like the "date night" idea...!!


Dear Nina, your blog has been a special blessing to me since I have been visiting you here. I left an award for you on my blog. If you do not accept awards that is just fine. I just thought you were deserving of this award. Thanks again for your posts here and especailly for the ministry that your family has in Potugal. May God bless you all. connie from Texas

HsKubes said...

Happy belated Birthday!
What a precious family you have!

Thank you for visiting me and for your kind words. You asked about the shaded borders on my photos. I use the online Flickr program. Hope that helps. ;o)

Enjoy your week!
I look forward to visiting, again.
~ Christina