Saturday, September 20, 2008

Parties & Pals

Wednesday I couldn't get through the street in our village because of all the men hanging lights down the road and on the catholic church. In Portugal roads are for people first and cars second. I had been warned about this weekend. My children were told that no one sleeps during the three day event. It's some sort of honoring of the patron saint of our village....what ever that means. The music started blaring out of the same speaker the church bells ring. If a songs playing and it's get the two for one special...bells and a song.

The church has a stage set up in the parking lot and right after they say all their prayers, over a loud speaker none the less, the rock bands gear up and last night didn't stop til 3:00 am. We try to run fans to drown out the sound, but when they shoot off those high powered fireworks that Michael says sound like a howitzer, there is no sleeping to be had. I wish I could catch one of those on video so you can see what I'm talking about. It's indescribably loud.

They take their parties seriously around here.

I'm in a video mood, so here is another one. (Videos take FOREVER to upload...I guess I'm bored....for the record it took me an hour to upload this'll be a while before I get this bored again. I can guarantee that!) I have no idea where my sons pants are in this video. This is how his relationship is with our family cat...sort of a love/hate one.


Tori said...

Oh we have those holidays here. We just had Velika Gospa which is "Great Mary" day and that's a happy time here, so we can relate.

BTW, I love your videos and your accent is so cute!!

Oh yea and that kitchen is great, what a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Tigra is a very special cat indeed. I loved the video. If possible it was more fun than the pictures. I would like to hold Justice down and squeeze him until he screams like Tigra. I can't wait until I can hold all of my babies. My Brooklyn is learning to cook. Way to go Mom. I hope Brooklyn will be in charge of the kitchen on occasion so you can have a little break.

Thanks for giving us glimpses of life in Portugal.

I love you all. Nanny

Molly said...

I enjoyed your video, Nina! You can hear the Howitzers in the background. It was fun to see Brooklyn cooking, and a bit of your kitchen!!

Miss you,

Starla said...

Oh, I feel so sorry for you, I hope you can get some catch up sleep. I would go crazy if I couldn't sleep. I loved the videos!!! :)

Erica Lynn said...

Very funny video. That's how my kids would be if we had a cat. I'm glad my dogs are big, they can handle the rough housing my kids unleash on them.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the video about 8 times.(again)I think Justice is just a little to rought with Tigra. But I agree with Tori, your accent IS cute. The Portuguees accent is starting to come out when you speek!! Way to go! I listened over and over when you said "OLA BROOKLYN". I love it and I love you.
Oh yes, ask Brooklyn if she will make me (and Pawpaw) some of her homemade Brownies (using Grandma's receipe)when we come.