Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Half American Half Portuguese

Brooklyn just submitted her entries for a writing contest at the LaGrange Daily News. We, as parents couldn't help her with it, so here it is in it's raw, 9 year old version. But didn't she do a great job?! She's already speaking better Portuguese than I am. Soon she'll be writing better than me too...but it wouldn't take much to do that.


Have you ever gone to Mozambique or maybe Brazil or Portugal, well I live in Portugal and I speak a little bit of Portuguese. I am a missionary to Portugal and this story is going to be about going to Portugal and what it is like here in Portugal. Well on our first flight (we had three) I was so scared I was pushed back in my seat as soon as the plane started, but when it got smoother I liked it a lot more. When we got to Portugal, we went right home and got in bed. And after we explored all the parts of our house, and then we went and bought a few thing that we could not bring with us. About 3 months before school started, my dad went and talked to the principal at the school and asked about the school and the grades and other things. I had language class for all of those 3 months for 2 hours every day except Saturday and Sunday. At the end of those three months we went to school and dove right in. it was hard to learn all this it all sounded like "rmabcfg". But now that I know more it's getting easier to understand. I am in the third grade, and my sisters are in the second grade. We have made tons of friends and I am starting to forget I'm not Portuguese.

Age 9


Hurricanes are a thing of nature
They bring up things in their grasp
You can count on them not having much stature
We have had them in the past

Hurricanes are very rude
They are not one bit polite
For they mess up everything made of wood
And every thing else in their path

When they are here you had better hide
In the very best hiding place you know
For they will destroy the most safest place
If the right way they go

Age 9

How 'bout encouraging a young writer and leave Brooklyn a comment.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Great job, Brooklyn! God has given you a great talent; I hope you will always use it for Him :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooklyn,
I loved your story about Portugal and I especially loved your poem. I am so much in awe of you and your sisters going to school in a different country. You are making such wonderful memories that not many people get a chance to make. Keep up the good work!
God Bless,
Pam (a friend of MiMi's)

Butler said...

Great job Brooklyn,
You are you smart girl.
love you Mrs Rebekah,

Althea said...

You really did a great job on your poem and I loved what you wrote about being half american half portuguese. My children, Stephen (9) and Alyssa (6) feel that way too since they have lived most of their lives in Brazil. They have a hard time with the language but work very hard at it! Keep up the good work!

Gayle said...

Hi Brooklyn,
Great Job on your story! I love the poem! Keep up the good work! We have added your family to our Pray list.

Carrie said...

You are a very talented writer. I am looking forward to reading more of your work in the future. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your encouraging words, I need all the prayers I can get.

I have to say I got a little excited to see I am one of the blogs on your list. I know it is silly but I really did.

Tabatha Bentley said...

I think you have done a very good job both in the written story and the poem. You look to be a budding poet there, young lady and I would love to see some more of that talent. Keep it up! A thought.... if your mind starts to "write a poem", even waking you in the middle of the night, start jotting it down immediately. It's then that God is showing/telling you something, and although it may not all come together in one sitting, you won't be like me and forget what it was when you try to write it a few hours (or days) later! God will bless you!

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn, your reports were wonderful! You did an excellent job and I'm sure your teacher will be very proud of you...just like your mom is proud of your good job.

I am half American and half Portuguese, but I cannot speak the language. You're are doing much better than I would learning a foreign language. Have a great week in school!

The Herd said...

That's pretty amazing writing for a third grader! I have a third grader, so I know!! I loved hearing the perspective of yours on being a missionary! Thanks for sharing your daughters work on your blog!

The Webbs said...

Bravo, Bravo!! You did a great job! I really enjoyed your story and poem. Keep up the good work.


Lora's Life said...

Go Brooklyn! I am very proud of you..what a great job. I was waiting for you to say how you squeezed my hand completely off and I had to pick it up off the floor of the airplane. Just kidding, you did great there to. Sure do love you.
Mrs. Lora

Amrita said...

Brooklyn, you are a budding writer. I am really impressed by your poem too.

Starla said...

Great story and poem. Wonderful job!!!! :)

Sarah said...

Hey brooklyn this is sarah
you did a really good job on your story and poem...i was
well I better go but tell everyone I said hi and Imiss them and love them so much
love you

Sharon said...

You are doing very good with your writing! I liked your poem too! :)

Tori said...

Bravo Brooklyn!!
What a great little writer you are! Sure hope you win!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Awesome! I think you should be a frequent guest on your mom's blog! Keep up the writing and keep working hard at the language!

TCKK said...

Great job Brooklyn!! I bet some day I'll be reading a book you've written. I'll be looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Well Brooklyn,look at you .You should be very proud of your self.I Knew back when you were reading to me and Mr. David, when you were just like 4 years old,that you were a very SMART little girl.We are so proud of you .I loved your story and poem. Gods not just using Mom and Dad in Portugal,he's using you to....How wonderful.
Ms. June & Mr. David

Anonymous said...

Nine years ago when I saw you the first time it was obvious you were a very special little baby girl; now the Lord has started showing you your talents. Keep up the great work....and keep that notepad handy for He will give you more and more to share with the world. Oh, yes, by the way, you surely are a missionary too!

I love you,