Friday, November 21, 2008

Can I Do It Again?

This is a picture of my Thanksgiving dinner I served last year.

Well....the one I dreamed I served.

You see, if I'm completely honest with you, I'd admit that I've never cooked a turkey in my ENTIRE LIFE! But I'd rather not be completely honest with you. So pretend like you don't know that, ok? I'd rather my image not be tarnished. Cause you all know that I can cook anything, right?! that we have that out of the way.....My family never got together for Thanksgiving. I'd always go to a friends house, or when I was dating my husband, we went to his family gatherings. Which only involved bringing a dessert (Now...desserts, I can DO!!!) drinks or hot rolls from Ryans. Never once did it involve the cooking of a turkey. As a matter of fact, Honey Baked Ham always had the privilege of cooking a turkey for his family. And boy, do they do a good job of it!! (No shame, Nanny!! Those honey baked turkey breasts are FABULOUS!)

Our Thanksgiving will be spent with three other missionary families from various parts of Portugal. They'll all come to our home next Friday for dinner. Since no one around here cares about this strange American holiday our kids will be in school on Thanksgiving. Plus our mid-week prayer services are on Thursday nights.

I am happy to announce though, that even though Thanksgiving will be here, I'm not attempting to cook a turkey. I just don't think I could handle all the pressure that's put on the one cooking the turkey. A more seasoned missionary mother of 8 will be bringing the bird for us all to enjoy. Her oven is bigger, she has more experience, and with 8 kids, she has more practice at handling pressure. So, she's the heroine of the day!

IF I were to cook a turkey...I would only cook the breast, several of them and I would roll them in bacon. (Your neighbor knows what she's talking about FringeGirl!) So maybe I'll experiment and be prepared for next year.


belinha said...

Hi there!!!I am glad you are enjoying Portugal!Do you live in Braga?I lived my childwood there! I think it's a nice city to live!NowI am living in the centre of the country by the seaside.I like to know that you like my country!:)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Let me tell you, if I can cook a bird, ANYONE can!!!

Aliene said...

Nina, Your last year Thanksgiving looked luscious. I was going to tell you how we Louisianians cook a turkey, but I see where you are from Alabama so you probably know.
We deep fry it outside after first shooting it up with all kind of creole seasoning and letting it sit a couple days inthe fridge. That way, I get out of cooking a turkey because the men usually do this. I think I'm going to post the recipe on my blog. It is fried in peanut oil. Have a Happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

Butler said...

I have never cooked a turkey myself don't fell bad .
my wonderful mother every year does that .thank you mom.
or my husband cooks it in the ground,,, even better.
But I do know you would do a great job I have never eaten anything of yours you did not master...
so wish I could be there next friday sounds like fun...
love you Becka,

Tabatha said...

...and that's why I go to my mom's or Dennis deep fries a turkey or we eat ham (which Dennis cooks).

The first picture looks yummy, but the second matches better. LOL! (j/k)

Jungle Mom said...

The photo had me very impressed!
Do you want to know how to kill a turkey and prep it?


Your dinner last year looked great. I am glad that you all are having a Thanksgiving meal anyway, no matter where you live. You need to set those family traditions for your children.They are important. Well now I have given you my motherly advise so I will be

I'll will tell you a secret, cooking a turkey is the easiest thing there is to cook on Thanksgiving. Truly. We are going to be gone though the Thanksgiving holiday so I wanted to come over and wish you and your family, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. connie

Anne said...

Enjoy your day.... I'm sure it'll be nice to fellowship with the other families:).

Tracy @ our Journey said...

That's funny! I have never coooked a turkey either...It isn't so much the turkey that scares me as the dressing. I haven't ever made that either. My husband's mother or my mother always do those two.
I guess I better start practicing for when I HAVE too. ;o}

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I won't be the one cooking the bird this year either (thank goodness!), but we are estatic that we will have one!

I actually had someone do the button for me. It was only $5, so I thought it was worth the time I would have spent trying to figure it out. She put it into photobucket, I do know that. So if you know how to use photobucket maybe you can figure it out??? If you want her contact info, let me know and I'll look it up.

Jungle Mom said...

are you sure? It involves a broom stick...

OT, but are you by chance being visited by the same anonymous as I?(If you are you will know what I am referring to.)

Mom said...

NO NO NO.... that looks like the Thanksgiving dinner I cooked last year with yours and Grandma's help. I thought the turkey was beautiful and even tasted good. I was thinking about that huge bowl of grape salad I made and thought it would never be eaten... well did my grandbabies step up and take care of that bowl of grapes! Im making a bowl for Christmas but not that much. I dont know where Terry and I will eat a Thanksgiving meal but I want to go to the new Bass Pro Shop cuz it will be open on Thanksgiving.
I know you will enjoy your Thanksgiving on Friday... you will be in good company.
I love you ... Mom

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful you will have good friends to celebrate with. It won't be the same here without all of you. Yes, Honeybaked does a great job and especially since it was compliments of UAB. Not so this year. Everyone is cutting back.

But back to the bird, you could do that with ease. I have great confidience in you. I know your friend and mother of 8 will do well also.

We love you and will be thinking of you on Friday. That is when we will be getting together also.


june said...

Nina, I love you ,but you are so funny.
I have the easiest way to cook a turkey....Let me share
it with you.( I cooked one last night).
Defrost to bird,in the neck of the bird pull out the bag that's there and the neck (it's not attached).Butter it up real good,shake some salt & pepper on it,put it in the oven wraped in foil,set the oven on 200 or 250 and go to bed.By morning your bird will be falling off the bone,and your house will smell wonderful.
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving & GOD BLESS you all.

Pam said...

Girl you really had me going with that opening! I was already preparing my comment in my mind telling you how your meal looked as if it was a page in a magazine, then I continued to read the TRUTH!! Gasp! I am 48 years old and had never cooked the turkey either until 2 years ago! I may post about that!