Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Eve in Portugal!

Mom and Terry arrived safely and on time Saturday. We've had a great few days!

Today, whether you know it or not, is Christmas Eve!! We've been last minute Christmas shopping, threw in a bowling game, decorated our new store bought Christmas tree and celebrated 3 birthday's. Tonight we enjoyed a Chili and grilled cheese supper in the den with a family movie and the Christmas tree lights. Now, all the kids are tucked in and have threaten to awake very early in the morning. So I need to get some sleep too....tomorrows least for us and Mimi and Paw Paw it is.

Waiting at the airport....

They're finally here!

Birthday Party

Hanging the lights on the tree.

The kids decorating it.

Bowling..on Christmas Eve!

Trinity after her first strike!


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures of your children! Are you going to leave the tree up until Dec. 25th?

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

It all looks wonderful! Merry Christmas!

june said...

Looks like the best Christmas ever.Nina just wondering ....Is that Grandma's jacket? She had one just like it.If it is I'm sure glad to see it again.

Mom said...

Nina, you look like Sarah Palin!

Butler said...

Now i can't wait for christmas so much fun,hope christmas day is good.

Butler said...

Its me agsin, do y'all have heat or is just very cold there?
all the pic's everybody has on coats in the house.(just wondering)

Sandy Sellers said...

Merry Christmas. Love ya

Starla said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I blame you! After seeing your blog and thinking about the fact that I'm probably having a baby this week, I went and put up all my Christmas decorations yesterday. I BLAME YOU!!! Of course Todd doesn't care and Raygan loves the lights, but now I have decorations for a whole two months :)
I guess I'll have to ask Thanksgiving to forgive me for by-passing it this year.
Love you guys,

Mom said...

Christmas in Portugal was wonderful... yes Mom and Terry are home now but we had so much fun buying roller skates for Faith,Lib, and Trin.. of course Brooklyn got books and was in book-heaven. I think Brooklyn got 7 books and I bet she will have them all read within the week. It was a blast watching everyone bowl and the chili dinner up stairs was so good. Then Christmas morning was great watching the girls try to skate.. I think they did quite well... and Brooklyn sitting on the steps reading,...and Justice playing with toys. Then going to a Brizilian Resturant for lunch and on to the beach for a walk.
I tell you one week is just not enough time. But we are thankful for the time we have and counting the days for another trip to Portugal!
I love you all... Mimi