Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving In Portugal

How do American missionaries in Portugal celebrate Thanksgiving?

Well, The Andrzejewski's, the Loop's, the Pollard's and Ms. Dawne did it like this......

Just SOME of the food!

The big kids table

The adult table.

The adults, chowing down.

The big kids eating.

Everyone eating.

Silly girls, waiting patiently.

Their patience paid off!

The King and Queen

Card game that followed.

The kids entertained themselves with movies and gameboys.

All good things must come to an end...saying goodbye. Until next time.

This picture came today on my email. This is Dillon, Cheyenne, and Dakota Butler. Michael had a part in winning their parents, Jim and Becka to the Lord. They are a precious family that we miss dearly. "Thanks kids!! We love and miss you so very much!"

Here are Dillon, Dakota and Cheyenne with my girls Easter 2005.

And here is the whole family. We love you Bro. Jim and Ms. Rebekah! Thanks for sending the pictures.

(You can click on any picture to enlarge it)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice time and the pictures of the food are making me hungry. Glad you enjoyed a nice holiday.

Butler said...

Oh how time has changed,
from easter 2005 easter 2008,

I wish you could have seen Dakota's face when he saw that you had posted the picture of him """you know when he was little """like it was ten years ago.did you pay any attention to how my kids don't smile anymore in just 4 short years that funny...

For all of you reading this Bro Michael played a big part &so did Ms Nina never giving up on us,,when they should have,God sure does use these 2 people in a way that you don't always see.

We love ya'll so much...Becka


Gayle said...

Looks like you all had a great time.
Your food looks yummy!

Tori said...

Looks like a great time.

I'm curious if all the missionaries come from different regions of the US, so you all had different sides from all over.
You know how southerners eat one sort of Thanksgiving dinner and northerners eat another.

Glad you had so many people to celebrate this very important US holiday with.

The eats look yummy!

Mom said...

I dont feel so sad when I see the pictures because I know you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wish you could have been at Uncle Danny's with all of us. Terry and I went shopping the day after and got a few good deals. Went to Cheryl's and watched "THE GAME" "ROLL TIDE"... now I better get ready for church!
I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving gathering, but there was a biiiiig hole at the tables and in the conversation and in the children playing all over Aunt Lori's house.

I took the Portugese tablecloth and it had it's place of honor at our table.

I am so glad that you had good friends, fellowship and food in a foreign land. Home, though thousands of miles away, still exists in your heart and you were here in mine.

I love you all. I enjoyed the pictures and stories of your day.


Starla said...

Beautiful photos!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Loved the king and queen crowns.

stephanie garcia said...

Thanksgiving is somehow extra special when shared with missionary friends and colleagues far from home. I'm happy you had a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

I like the fall decorations you have! Makes everything look so festive!

Jendi said...

I'm Julie Loop's sister.
Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.
They were neat to see!

Your favorite pics of 2008 are very nice!