Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Survived...Barely

Faith...feeling awful. But still smiling. Takes a lot for this girl to stop smiling.

Liberty...wishing I'd just let her sleep. She's also on her sick bed/recliner - backwards. Why do kids do that?

Trinity....also trying to sleep off her virus. She had it worse than anyone.
I took all these pictures at the same time. Three kids in different places, each with a trash can beside them.

Maybe it's safe to say all the sickness is past. If I'm just typing those words and not actually saying them out loud, do you think it will be okay? It (the dreaded 24+ hour stomach thing) ended up hitting everyone except my husband. I guess he was prayed up and we weren't?

About an hour into our language class on Tuesday, I began to decline rapidly. I tried to tell my husband I was feeling bad and that my head hurt, but my ever faithful to remind me language teacher told me that my head hurts every time we have class. Indicating that it's only the Portuguese language that I'm allergic to. After another hour, I left the table and curled up on the sofa, unable to hold my head up any longer. I think it was then that I finally got their attention and our class was canceled and I went straight to bed.

For the next 24 hours, my husband took care of everything. Cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, brushing teeth, putting to bed, dropping off at school, homework and all the other things that moms try to stay on top of. He's my a dark gray sweater.

Last night we borrowed a projector from the little baptist mission in town and we had a movie night with the folks of the mission, their lost friends and family and a few of our neighbors. About 20 people came to watch Facing The Giants. It even had voices in Portuguese, which really impressed the folks. We pray their was a seed planted as they consider what they saw and how God worked in the lives of those in the movie. I wanted to take pictures but I was so busy popping popcorn and serving espresso, that I didn't have time to think about pictures. Everyone commented, even those that know nothing about a loving, saving Lord, on how good the movie was and several wanted to borrow it to show friends and family.

We really enjoyed my parents visit. This picture was taken 'Christmas' morning.

The kids at mid week prayer service. Feeling much better. Thanks for praying.

Brooklyn and Faith in the one and only classroom.

Trinity sporting her new hat.

Liberty took this picture. My camera was bigger than her head! She was so funny trying to hold it up straight!

Look at this crazy looking flower. My mom picked it out.

Enjoy your weekend!


Pilar Stark said...

While we were in Gijon, Asturias, we showed that same movie to the american football team in the city (well, is american football but they were all spanish players-but two). We had twenty something people coming. They all like it a lot (they were all unsaved). It wa a blessing.

Pilar Stark said...

By they way :) Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers. I am so ready for Christmas. We always wait until the day after thanksgiving to put up the tree, so I am so jelous you already have it up :)

Starla said...

Great photos!!! I love the Facing The Giants movie. It is a great movie. Sounded like you all had a wonderful night. I hope you and your family are over the 24 hour bug.

Dani Joy said...

Hi there, I was just going to tell you what Pilar wrote. jeje.. Well, It´s true, We showed Facing the Giants to about 14 of the Gij√≥n Mariner American football team and their family members. It was quite a feet stuffing them all into our little building. :) (My husband has been the chaplin for this team for 3 years now, It´s been an amazing experiance! So glad you all are feeling better. ¡Dios os Bendiga!

Tabatha said...

I think it was more y'all were prayed up and Bro. Michael wasn't... I mean, doesn't Satan attack when we are heading in God's direction, you don't butt heads with someone if you're going in the same direction! LOL!
Really, I am glad y'all are all better.

I'm so ready for Christmas too... I actually did a little Christmas shopping today (you'll find out what I got soon!) and now am watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (the original cartoon) with the kids. Now, where did I pack the tree?

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Thank God for husband's who are bug-resistant! I'm glad you all are on the mend.

The movie party sounds great!! Praying for a harvest!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see an entry on your blog and that you are rejoining the human race. I have been so concerned for all of you. I'm thankful Michael was spared so he could take care of everyone.

I knew it must be bad when you went so long without a blog entry. My heart has been there with you every moment.

The pictures are great. My babies are so pretty. I love you all.


TCKK said...

I'm so glad your family is feeling better. I love the pictures. Your kids are so adorable. Now, I feel like I know you guys a little better. Thanks for sharing.

Amrita said...

Get well soon allof you.I like that flower, looks like aloe vera.

Anonymous said...

Your poor kids looked! Poor you too. I'm glad everyone is feeling good again!! Those were some great pictures and it was fun to see everybody.

Tori said...

So glad everyone is on the mend. That's stomach stuff is super yucky!
Also so glad you had a good time with you're folks, family is so special.

We have those funny plants everywhere, I have resisted so far!

Pam said...

Oh such sweeties all! Glad your over it. By the way, you and your man make a fine looking couple!

Come by my blog-you've been tagged if you care to oblige. I don't know if you have the time to participate. NO offence is not!

Jill said...

Nina, I found your blog from Pilar Starks. My family and I are former missionaries to Uganda, currently at a church in Sanford, FL. I can relate to sharing viruses. We have six children, although we're the opposite of you: we have five boys and one girl. Glad everyone's feeling better. Nice to "meet" you.

june said...

My so glad everyone is better now.The pictures are beautiful as usual,love the one of you and Micheal.
Wanda did good picking out that flower,it's so pretty.What kind is it?Tell everyone David and I love and miss them ( you to ).

Mom said...

I think Trin looks sharp with her new hat on that her daddy bought her at the market while we were there. Maybe Ms Dawn could knit everyone else a hat like that.
Love you, Mom


I am glad you are all getting through the virus and hope that your husband does not get it. Tell him, he better stay prayed

It is going around here also. Jim and I haven't gotten it yet. Oh, boy, I sure hope we don't. I have never been very good with stomach virus.

Truly, I am thankful that you are all better. connie from Texas