Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Mayhem

After hitting snooze twice on an alarm clock set a little too late to begin with, I jumped out of bed with just enough time to make it up before the girls all came filing into my room looking for their freshly ironed clothes.

It's a very cold, crisp morning here in Barcelos, Portugal. Temperatures just above freezing, but we don't mind cause at least it's not raining! Most of the girls 'school' coats are still wet from the ever so needed cleaning they received this weekend. So it was confusion with who had what extra coat that could be shared with which sister and which one looked less like the stay puff marshmallow man. Meanwhile Justice stood beside me pulling on my skirt saying repeatedly "mess...mess...mess..." I never like to hear those words, but at least he comes and tells me know instead of just looking at his mess and going in another room to play and leaving it for me to discover three hours later. This time he was wearing his hot chocolate on the front of his shirt but he was careful to share some with the table, chair and floor.

As we rounded the corner headed for school Brooklyn sucked in all the cold air left in the car and exclaimed that"Dad was supposed to take us to school this morning!" I said, "Why, am I not good enough?" She said "Well, can you explain to my teachers why I wrote a letter to you and Dad instead of to Santa?" (Just for the record, I could have done this...not correctly...but I would have gotten my point across.)

So Michael ran back up there to make sure the Teacher understood. Which of course, she did without any problems and then she informed Michael that the last day of school before the Christmas break will be Thursday. The kids can go home at lunch time after a THREE hour Christmas party! The entire day will be a "festa"! I didn't get three hour parties when I was in school, did you?


Anonymous said...

School is MUCH BETTER now than when we went. We apparently were children in the dark ages where they made us memorize facts, gave us detentions, and threw red marks around our papers like they'd just been slashed and were bleeding uncontrolably. (i'm sure I misspelled something, excuse me)

Now they are nice to our children. Only I'm not sure our kids are better for it. Mine have nothing to worry about. I'm mean enough to make up for a lifetime of nice teachers. :)
PS I'll get you those weights. I need to go to the grocery store to check.

Tracy @ our Journey said...

I sure could use a 3 hour party right now! ;o}
Hope you guys have a great week!

Tabatha said...

Mail call..... just be on the look out!

Freezing cold here too, and so far no rain (or snow). Miss y'all!

Starla said...

Wow they really celebrate. Our parties were only for half an hour.