Monday, December 8, 2008

Ornaments, Beans and Blind Boys

Today Portugal celebrated the immaculate conception. No school for the kids (maybe not tomorrow either if the teachers have mama fits again) So we invited a few neighborhood kids over to decorate Christmas ornaments with us. They were so easy. Only three ingredients, roll out the dough, cut, microwave for 4 minutes and paint! Waahhlllaaaaa.....Decorating made simple! I love it! Here are a few pictures. And here is the link if you'd like the recipe.

Faith working diligently.

Justice liked the dough the best. Which was fine with me. It's much less messy than the paint. So I let him have a good time.

Taking time out for a PB&J sandwhich.

Chubby hands hard at work.

Brooklyn trying really hard not to smile.

Faith and Lib

After we finished our decorating, I had some beans and rice for lunch. This is typical Portuguese food.

And get this. While we were working away at the table Michael noticed on the newspaper (that I had bought only to cover the table with, not read) that a group of blind men call The Blind Boys of Alabama were coming to a theater near us to sing traditional Gospel Christmas music. Wow! Talk about getting a little taste of a southern, Alabama men singing christmas music. Can't miss that one!

Have a great week!


Starla said...

The Blind Boys of Alabama are AWESOME singers!
Loved the photos.

Anonymous said...

The Blind Boys of Alabama in Portugal???

Looks like the kids had a ball...I'll have to check out this recipe.

Nina in Portugal said...

Fringegirl....I know!!! That's what I said. Why Portugal?

Aurora said...

That sounds like fun. When and Where?

Tori said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun!

I checked out the website for the group and they are defiantly southern!

I looked on their list of shows and sadly Croatia wasn't included, shucks!

Oh well, you'll enjoy it for me.

Butlert said...

Thats what we are going to do
some this week some for school
is make things.....
Cheyenne looks at your blog every day so she wants to do the same kind Ms Nina is doing.
she has always favored you anyway
about how fun you are..she remembers when we went to camp and played that bible game.(you know how you dressed up)she loves to look at those is funny,,, love ya Becka.

Tabatha said...

Mmmmm, those beans and rice look tasty!

Let us know how the concert goes!

Anonymous said...

How fun to have the chance to go hear The Blind Boys of Alabama - what a way for the Lord to surprise you all. Let us know if you went.

My mom always eats like that bean dish. I started - for the bean/legume deal - it is heart healthy I hear.