Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheesecake, Shoes & Laundry

Dear Diary,
It's a good day. Chillier than I want it to be and there is a fine mist falling outside which makes me anxious. It's like someone holding a bat over my head and I'm cringing in expectation, my heart racing...just waiting for the *whack*. I wish it would just go ahead and rain already. Maybe some of that pollen that's stuck in our heads would be washed away.

I have a cheesecake cooling on the counter and it smells like the bottom got a little "too done". I refuse to say "burnt". Liberty helped me mix it all up and once we were done, she was digging through my recipe box in search of another creation. I'm not feeling very domestic today so I wooed her away with the offer of a computer game. I know.....I'm a great mom.

We're having supper tonight with a Brazilian couple and their 5 year old daughter. Hope they like cheesecake...burnt cheesecake (there...I said it). Hope we like her Brazilian cooking. Hope I can understand everything she says. Portuguese is hard enough to understand, but Brazilian Portuguese tops the list. And this lady is the fastest talker this side of the Atlantic....I kid you not.

How often have I complained about not being able to buy shoes here. My skies don't fit in anything! Well....imagine this....what if there was a Nike Outlet here in Portugal? What if this outlet really had outlet prices on a select group of shoes? What if these shoes just happen to be sizes 9-12, the sizes too big for all the ladies here? What if they marked those shoes down to unbelievable prices? AND..What if I happened upon this magical store yesterday??!! guessed it! I'm the proud owner of not one but TWO pair of brand new Nike tennis shoes!! Nike's are outrageously expensive here in Portugal. (But not these...hehehehe!!) Thank You Lord! Now those ladies at the gym won't know what hit them when I walk in with these babies. They're so white, I think they glow.
And get this....apparently when you loose a little weight, your feet get smaller! My old tennis shoes are size 11. These are 9 1/2. Now If could get my panty size down like that I'll be doing good. I'm afraid folks wouldn't notice weight loss in my feet like they would on my backside.

Today is laundry day. Electricity is cheaper on Saturday afternoons, so you can find me in the laundry room...if you dig down far enough.


Anne said...

Loved this post:).

By the way, I love your new sneakers... they look just like the pair I bought here in Thailand except my Nike swoosh is hot pink instead of purple!

Betty said...

Great post! I´m glad you lucked out on those shoes. They look great. We have to pay an arm and a leg to buy Nike here...(yeah I still have mine, but no Nike shoes) :)
Hope you have a good evening with your Brazilian friends!

Ingi said...

I'm sure that you will have a great time at dinner with the Brazilians! If you're like me, then you're favorite phrase is "fala de novo, devagar, por favor". There are a couple of ladies at my church that also talk very fast, and I have to remind them that I can't keep up! Can't wait to hear about your meal! Enjoy!

Pilar Stark said...

Is that why my feet are bigger now? Seriously I use a 8 and used to use a 7 to 7 1/2........ Daniella is making me feel guilty with all her healthy eating... she doesn't mean to though :) She is sure doing a great job with self control.
I got yout plate today :) I hope you like it :)
I amso jelous, we really need need to get together the 3 of us. Maybe that way you two will make me feel guilty enough that I would do something finaly :).... ?????

Starla said...

Sweet deals on the shoes!!!

Dani Joy said...

NIKE is my favorite! Those pair of shoes are definitely a Gift from God. Praise the Lord!

I am so looking forward to the three of us getting together!! I see it as a must! :)

Yes, our hubbies are actually playing on oposing teams now!

Big hugs!!

Jill said...

This post made me laugh. I love your wit! I agree about the losing weight. I tried biking and my husband told me it was working because my face was thinner. "Great." I snapped. "Maybe if I start pedaling with my face, my backside will get smaller!"

Mrs. Tracy said...

That's hilarious...If you ever figure that one out, let me know!

Pop over to my blog...I have an award for ya!

Sandy Sellers said...

Hey Nina,
Left Living Waters today. Campmeeting is over. Sure did miss you all. Love ya,

Walker said...

Thinking of you all on Sunday morning here in San Diego. God bless.

TCKK said...

Love the new Nikes and the panty remarks cracked me up.

Tori said...

Funny!! Love those new shoes, how did you get them cheap enough to buy two?
I need to get walking shoes so bad but I'm refusing to spend the $100 for them right now. I makes me angry that I could get the same ones in the states for $30. Oh well!

Nina in Portugal said...

I know what you mean. My sweet hubby saved for weeks and handed me 80 euros to buy a new pair of shoes. When we went to the Outlet I found one pair for 17 euros and the other was 25 Euros. I was only going to get one pair, but then I thought about how ridiculous it would be to do that. I've put one pair up to pull out later down the road. the rest of that 80 euros was spent on other items my hubby I needed.

God is Good!

Anonymous said...

You dropped a size & 1/2 in your FEET? Go figure! I'm glad you found some new sneakers. They look super comfy.

This was a funny post. How'd the cheesecake taste?


Jungle Mom said...

You crack me up!
"Now If could get my panty size down like that I'll be doing good."

The Herd said...

I am so happy for you in finding the shoes!!! The plate is beautiful and I hope the cheesecake was delicious!!!! So, do you have a list of what you stock up on in the states when you go back on furlough?
How often do you guys go back to the states? We leave for a couple of months in June and then we come back in Aug.