Saturday, April 25, 2009

Climbing Mountains

Okay, so maybe it wasn't like rock climbing, but I did walk FOREVER it seemed with a group of ladies today to the top of a mountain. There was a road the entire way, so we never had to go through dirt trails, but it was a challenge none the less.

At the top of Mt. Frangueira, there was a spectacular view! Here are a few pictures from our journey.

Walking over an old bridge

We shared the road with many cyclists

Today is Portugal's Independence Day, so there were lots of festivities in town. Including a stage with folk dancing and music.

One of our many 'onlookers'

I took time to smell the flowers

At the top!

Ladies resting before we headed back

Another view from up top. That's the ocean in the distance. Our family has a joke that if you look hard enough you can see the east coat of America.

There were about 50 of us.

We had a lot of fun and everywhere we went, people turned their heads and stared. Guess it's not often 50 ladies wearing purple t-shirts pass through the center of town!

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend.


Tori said...

Curves, Curves, what sorta mission field are you on???? You have Curves in Portugal? No fair!
I used to do curves while at home on furlough, but it got so boring but then again our Curves didn't walk mountain roads either.

I did however play some tennis today, beat my husband, and two sons and then after did a little walking.

Think I'm getting motivated to get back on track with my diet. We'll see!

Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

Dani Joy said...

Yayyy Nina!!! What a great day!
You should join in on Fitness Friday. :)
What a better way to get with the people! I am so proud of you!!!
What gorgeous pictures.
I did bad on my diet today. :( Not even a free day.. but I will back on the wagon tomorrow.
I will still try to do my 10k though.
I was just wondering if you got into any good conversations today?
You must be exhausted.

Pilar Stark said...

Wow, a walk worth doing. If I ever go visit you in Portugal we have to do this walk (we will have to leave kids and husbands behind or we won´t be able to make it.
A little from church told me we have Curves here in Granada, I couldn´t believe, I thought was a US thing.

TCKK said...

What beautiful pictures on top of the mountain! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Odd, Curves in Portugal, when there isn't one in Montevallo! And, most every lady in purple shirts in the photos had blonde hair...???? You sure you're in Portugal?

Love you ~ Aunt Shawn

Jen said...

That definitely looks like exercise! Although the view looks amazing! I had to laugh that one of the "stories" at the end of the post was a recipe or oatmeal cream pies. I guess after that walk, you should be able to enjoy one!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really beautiful walk. Those views make sweating a little well worth it.

Glad you have fun day in the fresh air.


liz said...

Curves? In Portugal?? That's great!

Great pictures too!

The Herd said...


The Hat Chick said...

I was surprised to see the Curves shirts. All your pictures are beautiful.....that does it for me, Portugal is now on my "must see" list.