Monday, May 25, 2009

The Green Superfood

My weight loss journey started back in January and as I draw closer to my goal weight, these last several pounds seem to be super glued to my hips and thighs.

With my increased levels of exercise, I'm finding that my new eating habits aren't supplying my body with the necessary vitamins and protein needed to have an energy filled day. (I know...what's that?! An energy filled day?) So I seem to be resorting to the 'quick, sugar-laden pick-me-up' type foods.

I'm not crazy about meat. I like chicken breast, but in Portugal it's pretty expensive, so I don't buy it as often as I would like to. (About $7.50 for 2 pounds...and that's the cheapest place I've found.) So if all white meat chicken isn't on my menu for dinner, I usually skip the meat. Eating only the veggies, rice or potatoes.

I've battled anemia since my teens when I stopped eating all red meats. It's been over 15 years since I've eaten a steak or a hamburger. During certain times of the month, I struggle with dizziness, extreme fatigue and crippling headaches. And when you add in my recent selective eating habits and increased levels of activity, these symptoms have doubled .

I've already introduced you to my wonder women mother-in-law but let me remind you she's a nurse of over 40 years. My hubby went to her in search of help for his wife who was struggling through her days.

Nanny's response..."Nina needs to eat meat protein!"

She may have said that, but this is what I heard...."Grill her up a nice, fat, juicy steak and watch her energy levels increase right in front of your eyes!

My response...."Yeah right!! NO WAY I'm doing that!!" And Nanny knew I'd say that, she knows me.... she's prepared special dishes and foods for me for many years now, always considering my eating habits when deciding on dinner for our family.

So we went with plan B.

Food Supplements

After Nanny did lots of research and after talking with her personally and telling her the benefits I've had in the past taking chlorophyll, this is what she bought for me and sent in a box that I received last week. (Thanks Nanny!)

Chlorella has astounding health benefits! After you get past the part about it being an algae.

The benefits of Chlorella:

It contains the highest levels of Chlorophyll known.
Supplies high levels of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin B-12 and Iron.
Filters toxins from body
Fights cancer
Aids in digestion
Helps balance boys pH
Normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure
Has protective and cleansing compounds (which means it takes odors from your breath and from your poop! ....wonder if I can get my entire family on this stuff...even the dog...hmmmm)

So after a week of filling my body with "The Green Superfood" I'm proud to report I'm feeling some of that energy I've been lacking.

I may be green like The Incredible Hulk, but at least I have his energy level too!



Holly said...

Kudos to you! I have taken Spirulina before for energy, but it is sooo nasty, even in a capsule. Fortunately I get plenty of red meat, usually in the form of venison though and not rib-eye, which is my favorite. :~)

I am curious why you stopped eating all meat except chicken breast?

Have a wonderful week!

Nina in Portugal said...

I've not stopped eating all meats. I just prefer white meat chicken. I'll eat pork too, but again, prefer the white meat on the pig as well.

I stopped eating red meats because of a 60 minutes program I watched on TV. Crazy huh!?

Dani Joy said...

Hey girl! I wonder if this green super food is like Barley Green. I was taking that stuff back in 2004 when I went totally natural. ;) That was then. jeje.

I am so glad you have found something to help pick ya up! I hope that we can get those last pounds off!

Love ya!

Jen said...

Maybe it's because I'm a Texas girl, but I can't imagine not eating a juicy steak or a hamburger every once in a while! That is great, though, that you found something to give you the energy you need. Nanny sounds wonderful!

Holly said...

Oops, I read all red meat and got carried away. :~) For me personally, I feel the safest eating red meat because as far as I know, unless it is ground, there aren't any germs or bugs that lurk inside beef or venison, unlike chicken and pork, which is why we can eat a steak that is not well-done and not get sick. We do eat chicken and pork, by the way. We will eat some barbecued later on this afternoon!

Thank you for answering my question! I am not normally nosy like that. :~)


Curly-Top said...

Hey Sis. Nina!
Thanks so much for stopping by and posting a comment on G.A.G.O.H. I really enjoy reading your blog and learning bits and pieces about Portugal. I'd appreciate it if you sent me some traffic. However, I can't seem to get my blog button linked back to my page nor can I make the code available for others. ((pulling hair...yikes!!)) Think you can help me???

God bless you and your beautiful family, and keep up the good work!

Nina in Portugal said...


You weren't being nosy! I'm glad you asked!

Have a great Memorial Day!

TCKK said...

I can't imagine not eating red meat once in a while. But mostly I eat chicken too. I might have to check those green things out too. Heaven knows I could use a little more energy.

I love the new picture in your header. That's really beautiful. Where is it taken at?

Happy Memorial Day!


Pilar Stark said...

I love my red meat and you don´t like going shopping.... could we ever be friends.... ;) hehehe

~K~ said...

I may have to look into that myself! Maybe it will help with my energy level.

I enjoy your blog! Stop by and visit my blog sometime!

God's Been Good said...

I was just thinking what Mrs. Dani Joy was thinking...sounds like Barley Green! Which mama made us drink sometimes when we were just had to get used to the green grassy look... =)


Stonefox said...

Nina, this is very interesting because I'm not a big meat person either and I suffer from dizziness and general low energy. I may try this!

Anonymous said...

I'd eat the steak, but hey, to each her own!

I actually was taking a green supplement too for a few years. I stopped because of money, but it gave me lots of energy and I like drinking because it made me feel good. It was called 'Barley Life Extra'. It was green powder that turned your water into thick green sludge, but it was good for me.

Glad your green stuff is helping you. Hope you hair doesn't start getting a green glow. ;-)

liz said...

I take Supermom vitamins. They taste like a big, green, grass pill but they sure do give me a nice energy boost when I take them regularly. =)

Tori said...

I really need to start taking some sort of vitamin. I know I have deficiencies in some areas so they would be good for me.

Hey it's not so bad to be green, it's my favorite color!

Janice: AKA Nanny said...

I want you to FEEL like the SUPERWOMAN you already are. I hope it works half as well as it is advertised to do.

Love you!