Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is It June Already?

It's June 3rd. According to the calendar it's not Summer yet, but in my little corner of the world, I would argue that point.

It's hot! Hotter inside my house, than it is outside. How does that happen?

The kids will be done with school in less than two weeks. We'll all enjoy staying up a little later in the evenings and sleeping a little later in the mornings. Then after a week or two of lazy summer living, they'll start summer school with mom. Portuguese work preparing them for the next school year and some "American" school work too (as the kids call it).

My mom is coming the end of July for 10 days! We are all thrilled to have someone visit in the summer months, Usually due to the high costs of airfare, no one can come during the these months. Our house is already hot, imagine how hot it will be at the end of July. Don't tell my Mom that.

After about 6 hours of cat labor, we have 5 little kittens that were born on Monday. They're the ugliest little things right now, but once they grow into their cutness, I'll be posting some photos....I mean...look at this poor guy....

As far as the ministry is concerned, all is well. God is blessing greatly. My husband is staying busy preaching several times each week in church services, special ministry meetings to widows and in homes where fellow Christians are holding services in an attempt to reach their neighbors with the Gospel. We've recently spent many hours doing some minor construction to the inside of the church building and major spring cleaning which has left everyone excited and encouraged about the ministry.

Our summer calendar is filling up quickly with various evangelistic projects, church pic-nics, church fellowships and visitors. We're also trying to throw in a family vacation somewhere in between......

I'd like to ask you to pray for a friend of ours June McCarty, who recently lost her sister unexpectedly.

Also for our co-workers Maicon and Leticia, as they received sad news yesterday that she had miscarried.

And please remember us, The Andrzejewski Family as we work here in northern, Portugal.


Sharon said...

Praying for your friends! I feel for you having a hot house!!!! I get so grouchy when I'm overheated, so maybe that is why Hubby decided it was time to run the a/c. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's really not hot in my corner of the world. I'm wearing a denim jacket right now and feet are freezing in flip-flops.

I'll be keeping those requests in my prayers. Glad all is going so well with the church.

Your kitten is actually cute and I don't even like cats. They give me asthma.

Dani Joy said...

Hi Nina! This is a good newsy post. I like it! I love hearing about what you are doing. I feel attached in a great way! ;)

Sorry to hear about Maicon and Leticia´s miscarriage. and June´s sister. I will be praying. I will ask for prayer for them tonight too.

Hope and pray you can come see us!

Pam said...

Sounds you are staying busy, thus out of trouble??? One can hope! *giggles*
Please pray for my mom as well. Another lump was found at her 6 month visit at Moffitt Cancer Center. The biopsy is June 16th. Thanks. I just said a prayer for your requests here.

Jen said...

It's cold here! Well, cold mornings and evenings. Nice during the day. But it's cold enough that I don't want to get out of bed in the morning!

Mrs. Tracy said...

Awwwww....our kittens are in full blown cuteness right now...makes it so hard to part with them...but I know I have to find them homes before the cuteness wears off ;o}

2 down...2 to go!

Pilar Stark said...

It is pretty hot in here too (after all we are pretty close) but thankfuly the inside of our house stays nice and cool (at least for not).

we are going to start my oldest one with some "american school" too, we are going to try to help her learn all english phonics. Next summer it will be Nicole´s turn.... you want to come and do it ;)

TCKK said...

I think the kittens cute. It's been hot here too until today. I don't think it even reached 60 today! Remembering you in prayer!

Jungle Mom said...

It's cold here now!
I wanted to let you know that the card business is a personal friend of mine who also worked in the jungle of Venezuela before the political problems. I am very excited about this resource!

Starla said...

It is 59 degrees here. Our weather is going back to winter instead of summer, lol. I think the photo of the kitten is cute. Also I'm remember you all in prayer.

Betty said...

I wish I could have one of those kittens! I´m looking for one and everyone I ask, doesn´t know of any...
Your weather is what we are missing at the moment. I´m glad your mom will be visiting!

Joyce D. said...

You kittens are cute!And I would love your warm weather at this time.Were we are it was +1 Cel.this morning, so enjoy it for me!!Maybe we'll get summer yet..LOL

Merryheart said...

Hi Nina,

We raised kittens so I know what you're going through. My daughter, EagleGirl is hoping to post a blog about it today at EagleHeights. I think the kitten in your photo is cute!

Sorry about your friends' losses. May the Lord comfort them.