Friday, June 19, 2009

Phobia Phriday (with the Preacher)

Welcome to another edition of our weekly posts about very random and often phunny phobias which have been medically documented in one reference book or another. Each Phriday we list, define, and give an example of one of these irrational phears, phictional or otherwise.*

Arachibutyrophobia - phear of peanut butter sticking to the rooph of the mouth

This website thankphully informs us that, iph you are victim of this phobia, then you will dephinitely try to shun situations where you will be compelled to eat peanut butter.

Was it phorced on him? What kind of menace would compel someone with such a disorder to eat something so terriphying yet so tasty.

Our son, Justice dephinitely doesn't have
arachibutyrophobia as he eats a good old PB&J sandwich most days for lunch, and it doesn't really matter to him iph he has anything to drink or not. More ophten than not he wanders through the remainder of the day with the evidence on either side of his mouth. When do they learn not to bite the sandwich directly in the center? Does that arrive about the same time as reflexes?

As always, have a wonderful weekend in the Lord Jesus, and remember iph you are arachibutyrophobic, stay away from any and all Reese's products.

*No attempt is made to truly offend or belittle an actual medical condition that the reader may or may not have. If such offense was taken, we sincerely apologize, advise you to contact the applicable counselor, and avoid contact with this blog post until such phobia has been overcome.


TCKK said...

Nope, I don't have that one!! I love peanut butter and so does my dog!!!

By the way, Nina, read my post when you get a chance, you've been tagged!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have this one! I love peanut butter and chocolate.


BUTLER said...

No i dont have any that you have done so far..
you should do one on "clowns."
just saying that makes me want to scream....
why would you want to paint a smile on when you are not smiling??
to fake for me..