Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Mayhem

It's a sunny Monday morning here in Northern, Portugal. I'm trying hard to ignore the chaos surrounding me.

There seems to be a little squabble over the cinnamon and sugar over near the toaster. One of my daughters just got chocolate milk all over her skirt and proceeded to remove it right in front of all of us so that I could treat the stain immediately
. (She said I told her to take it off so I could spray it and choose another skirt....but I didn't mean right now) The dog (a large black Lab) is leaping in the air in an attempt to procure his morning snack....flies. One kid has a fortress built around her with 3 cereal boxes, a roll of paper towels, and two containers of juice...the same one sitting bottomless while finishing her breakfast. One of the youngest is fussing at an older one, "You make chocolate milk like water!!" And my son is collecting the remaining milk from his cereal bowl in his mouth and spitting it back into his bowl...and he's doing this over and over again. My oldest is standing on her platform this morning demanding all finish their breakfast quickly because they must begin their work for today and finish my birthday gifts they've been working on for a week now. (My birthday isn't for 2 weeks) Her bedroom has been transformed into a workshop, complete with a sign warning Mom NOT to enter unless I knock first. All the neighborhood kids arrive at 2:00 promptly, and this is when the real work begins. The friends bring supplies from their house...all the fancy craft supplies like glitter!

Monday' to love 'em.

My Mom arrives next Monday for a 9 day visit. We'll spend the next week preparing for her arrival. Deciding on which room in this house is the coolest for her to sleep. She's a spoiled southerner, like me, she's used to having air condition in every room of the house. So much air condition that the toilet seats are cold, even in the summer.

This past weekend we had another pic-nic
. This time it was with some friends of ours. And next weekend we'll have another one with all the folks from the mission here in our town that we are working with. These beautiful days won't last long. Soon enough it will turn cold and rainy and last for 9 months. I don't look forward to those days. So excuse me while I spend a little time outdoors.

Have a great week ya'll!


Jill said...

I love reading about your Monday Mayhem. It sounds so much like my house!

Dani Joy said...

The picture you painted just seems so funny but at the same time I am sure it bursts our "everything is running smoothly" bubble. Mine has been popped for a while now. I just don´t know what to write about on my blog as not much has gone right. :/ So it´s good to read yours. :)

Glad you had a good time out with your friends. I totally agree. We have to get out while we can. I fear we will jump right over summer and go right to fall.

Jen said... do you manage with all that mayhem? I feel like I would go crazy. Actually I do with just 2!

Pilar said...

Hey girl, I am back!!!

How do you do it to get all those kids at home :)!

Love your jean skirt btw

I am sure everyone is super excited with grandma´s visit. Enjoy it!.... as if you needed someone to tell you that ;)

Janice: AKA Nanny said...

I love the word pictures, but how about some snapshots of that mayhem. Guess you didn't have time while trying to orchestrate that circus in your kitchen. I miss you all so much. I hope to call early in the morning.

Becka said...

Don't you just love summer time !!!

I know you can't wait till you mom comes ??
love you girl,

Mom said...

WOW... tell them to get all that out of their system before next Monday! I may have to hide under the bed!
Just kidding... I cant wait to see all of you!!!!!!!!!

Starla said...

Well I don't understand all the stuff going on with the kids because I don't have any. But I do understand what the dog is doing because my dog does that. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I could just picture your son spitting his milk back into his bowl over and over again. I can totally laugh at it when it happens at your house, but those same things drive me batty when they're at my house. AND they Are!

So glad your mom gets to come for a visit. Enjoy her!

Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Thanks for all your posts! I greatly enjoy reading about your everyday life. And I love your pictures!

The Hat Chick said...

"A fort with cereal boxes and papertowels" it!

Pam said...

Thanks for taking me into the circus tent! Enjoy that special birthday surprise! Kids are sweeties! What would we do without them?
Rest, sleep, think in complete thoughts, bathe, rest, sleep, think in complete thoughts, bathe, rest, ...

TCKK said...

Sounds like quite the morning!!! Hope you have a great week! - Cathy

Betty said...

Sounds like you´ve got your work cut out for you. Since it´s probably already Wednesday where you are, hopefully your day will be a good one!

satire and theology said...

'We are baptist missionaries to the country of Portugal.'

Hi, I am just looking through a list of Christian blogs on the web. Excellent blog header.

I hope to see Portugal. I also hope your missions work goes well.


satire and theology