Monday, July 6, 2009

Opposites Attract

Skaters and Jocks did not mix.

On any given day you'd have found me sitting innocently on a street curb or at a skate park, but to those passing by I probably looked like a groupie. With my hairstyle, clothing preferences and choice of music I guess that's what I was.

Skaters were peace loving sort of folks. The Jocks were mean and arrogant. I boycotted football games by the age of 13 promising to never attend such activities. I was secure in my world of nonconforming and I wasn't about to let anyone change that. At 14 I had most of the answers to life and I would have told you as much if you'd have asked.

One sunny, but cold January day I was visiting my Dad when my step-sister received a call from a boy that wanted to be her get the picture. While covering the mouth piece on the much too large phone receiver, my step-sister whispered, "Shane has a friend at his house....and he is hot! Do you want to talk to him?" She quickly explained that he was a jock, but that he was 'cool'.

Appalled at her gall, I said no thank you. I had a boyfriend. One who rode skateboards and was very good at it. But before I knew it the much too large phone receiver was thrust into my face with a huge grin. "He's to him!"

With a chip on my shoulder I reluctantly took the phone.

Within 5 minutes I was making fun of his girlfriend, whom I'd never met. Her name was Buffy. I couldn't help myself. I envisioned a fancy cheerleader type that followed him around to all his football games, and even worse I envisioned her with the typical late 80's hairstyle....huge 'buffy' bangs. One thing that I was certain I would never have.

The conversation didn't last long and the next day I was back at my Mom's. It was a Monday night and I was watching a movie with a few of my skater friends, when the phone rang. I ran to the kitchen to answer it and when he said, "'s me" a voice much to deep to come from a boy barely 14, I was speechless. Accusingly I questioned him, "How'd you get my number?!" And he did what he still does today, answer a stupid question with a question. "How do you think I got it?" Quickly I took his number promising to call him back when everyone was gone.

We talked every night after school for two weeks. Mostly we argued and debated, but whatever you call it, we did a lot of it until it was time to go back to my Dad's house for the weekend. He said he'd go to Shane's house again and we could meet that Saturday in person. Shane lived just around the corner from my Dad so after lunch my step-sister and I ventured out around the neighborhood.

Scared to knock on the door, I stayed in the yard pretending to busy myself squishing leaves on a tree. When he walked out the door....I knew I was in trouble. His eyes were the first thing I noticed. The sun was shinning right through them, they were so clear. His ripped up jeans and heavy metal t-shirt were a little much for me....but his eyes had me caught. What was I getting myself into?

The next day I told my mom I had met the boy I was going to marry. She laughed at me.

Now, 20 years later I still ask myself that question. What am I getting myself into?

I'd follow that handsome boy with clear eyes anywhere.....even to Portugal.


The Hat Chick said...

What a sweet story! Happy Anniversary?

Dani Joy said...

Girl, You did it! you got it written and made me smile, say awww, and laugh. It´s great! So glad I got to hear it in person though. ;)
I think it´s so awesome how God had His plan in the making way back then. Even before you saw his clear blue eyes. jeje
Praise the Lord there are no Jocks or skaters or respector of persons in God´s Eyes. Greek or Jew! ;)

Janice: AKA Nanny said...

Oh young love, how sweet, and sweeter yet it grows. I am so thankful you found each other. I love you both so much.

Betty said...

Sweet story! Is it your anniversary? If so, congrats!

Mom said...

Yep, I remember the stars in your eyes. And that one time when you were broke up and you saw him with the bandana around his head and you told me.."Oh my gosh, Mom, he looked so Hot!" I may not remember you telling me he was the one you were gona marry but I will never forget you saying that!
Any way its like Dani Joy said. God had his plan for the two of you even way back then.
I love you both so much and thank you for my Grand-babies!

TCKK said...

What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it.

Nina in Portugal said...

Yes, Ladies, we just celebrated our 12th anniversary.

Thank you for your sentiments.

Anonymous said...

Loved it!!! It made me want to meet the 14 year-old you. Great story and you did a wonderful job writing it. I'm sure your girls will enjoy reading your story.


Mom said...

FringeGirl, she was a rebel teenager. Dont let this story fool you.

Lisa Stampley said...

awe.... well really, that about says it all! It is so worth it every year when the aniversary rolls aroung and you know that all the hards times have added up to way to many good times for you to worry about the bad! I love you girl, wish i could see you at jubilee this year! it is not the same without your smiling face and all your kiddos!

Dani Joy said...

Happy 12th anniversary!

btw... my Michael has made it a whole day at camp without fever. PTL! He will stay the rest of the time.

We did not have church tonight cause Joseph stayed at camp. I played hooky.. sat at the park reading and enjoying the sun while Isaiah played soccer. I felt a little guilty. :/

Pam said...

It's my sister's anniversary today! 24 yrs.!
Congrats to you and Shane! cute post and I'm very partial to your hubby's name! My youngest son is named Shane Alexander!
Just curious,what is your hubby's middle name? We had a hard time thinking of something that went well with The first name Shane!

Nina in Portugal said...

My hubby's name is Michael.

In this story, Shane was his friend.

And I don't remember what Shane's middle name was. Might have been that Shane was his middle name. ???

Who knows?

Amrita said...

Even if its 12 years, both of you as if you 've just fallen in love. Congrats.