Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are You One Of Those?

You know...those women who threaten their husbands to not dare give them any kind of household item for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas? If a blender were to be wrapped and placed under the tree with your name on it, would daggers shoot from your eyes when you unwrapped the gift?

Well, I'm certainly not one of those ladies.

I appreciate anything I'm given for any occasion. Even if it is a new kitchen faucet for my birthday. (Which I asked for by the way.)

This was my faucet before:

And after:

Much more practical. Especially with the amount of dirty dishes that comes across my sink. I'm thrilled with it! And my sweet husband even installed it without fuss.

And just for fun....I received this beautiful Orchid.

We'll see how long I keep it alive....poor things doesn't really have a chance. But isn't it pretty?

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


TCKK said...

No I am not one of those. I am happy with anything I'm given. I love appliances or anything. Also, I love your new faucet. I was just looking at those a few weeks ago and telling hubby I want a new one. Mine is more like your old one. Maybe Christmas, you think?

Dani Joy said...

I am up late too cooking!! hahaha

Oh, I think it´s wonderful you got a new faucet. Installed and everything! With a great handy machanich to boot. ;)

Love those Orchids. I got some just like them last year for my birthday too! They are so beautiful. They lasted several months actually. with flowers and all! they don´t like the cold or to much water. just their roots sprayed.. I did some reading.

well, better go get the lasagna out of the oven.. oh and I flaked on that banana bread.. I will make for Joseph maybe when he comes home. LOL

I sure do appreciate your friendship so much!!

liz said...

I'm definiely not one of those girls! I love practical gifts. Love the new faucet and the orchid!

Rob and Deanna said...

What a Great Gift! I definitely like practical/not wasting money gifts. I've gotten all new appliances in my home over the years, & they are so exciting to me, because they cover the occasion, plus a need for the home. :-)

Jen said...

I am so practical. Jeremy gave me a blender last Christmas and I love it! When thought is put into it, I don't care what it is! The orchids are beautiful!

Betty said...

Sometimes I am one of those women, but sometimes not. I´m just complicated like that! :) But if it was my wish, of course I would be happy my hubby got it for me. Even a faucet. How sweet!

Julia said...

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I love your new faucet, btw! I'm going to have to be different from everyone else because I'd rather wait until my old faucet breaks and we have to get a new one, than to waste a bd gift or Christmas gift on something so practical! I like getting something fun and that I'd never get for a new camera lens or a night out with a girl friend while hubby watches the kids!

Angie Beckner - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil said...

Your new faucet looks nice. There is only cold water that comes from the faucets here in Brazil. If you want hot water you have to heat it on the gas stove. Is it the same for you?
We're looking at housing now so maybe we'll get a nice kitchen where I can learn to cook like a Brazilian!

Becka said...

OK, so I'm going to be the honest one:) lol.
I dont get mad about it,but I dont always like those kind of gifts,, I got a hard b-day time in march when all the pretty spring -summer stuff just gets put out,so I always want outside stuff ,you know like that pretty hanging basket you got me that time..
but I do at times ask for something I dont want but need.
so my sweet sweet husband will make it up on mothers day,,
but does that make me a bad wife???

I so love the flower, keep it alive Ms Nina,,just kidding :)
love you girl:)

Becka said...

Oh Yeah, whats your stepdaddy name?

Starla said...

I wouldn't mind getting a blender. I love making smoothies and milkshakes. The flowers are really beautiful.

Jungle Mom said...

One of the few Valentine's day gifts I actually remember, and fondly, was a the camp port-a-pot my husband bought for me when we first went into the jungle. He was afraid I would get upset and had purchased a necklace as well, but I only had eyes for the wonderful port-a -pot!

Anonymous said...

Nice faucet! I got a toaster once for Christmas from my hubby and I was actually excited...a pathetic life I live.