Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candle In The Corner Kick Off


Kick Off Is Today
Early Bird Double Entry Day!

Go on over to Heidi's blog and read all the details. It's a wonderful giveaway/fundraiser for missionaries around the world.

Candle in the Corner giveaway is a chance for you to help support missionaries in other "corners of the world" that could be facing financial hardships due to the dollars struggle to keep up with some of the other world currencies.

It's easy to donate and the rules are simple. Each day over the next two weeks she will be highlighting missionaries from these different countries:

South Africa

On these days, each represented missionary will reveal their items to be given away. Your donation will automatically enter you for all of the drawings.

However, Today you can earn double entries by donating!

So go on over....she even did a VLOG!! Who can resit a video!?
Heidi is an angel for doing this to help missionaries around the globe....even going as far as to video herself in an effort to help encourage you to participate!

Heidi, You're awesome....Thank you!


Stonefox said...

This is all my blessing, girl! I can hardly stand it! (But you do know I wouldn't vlog for just anybody, especially since i couldn't do more than three sentences before a kid screamed or banged on the door!) :0

Dani Joy said...

How wonderful it is to be involved in this!

yours and my post are almost identical. ;) Great minds, right? jeje

Oooo now I gotta get my post ready for tomorrow! My little light in Gij√≥n, Spain is burnin´, Praying to be that vessel of honor. Joseph has an incredible message he preached about this for furlough. I must have heard it 50 x but just learned from it every time.

"We have this treasure in earthen vessels." He compared us with that light under Gideon´s torches.

Love you!

Ana said...

Nina that is one beautiful rooster! I am praying for you and your family :)