Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nanny and PaPaw

Nanny and Papaw arrived safely after 4 flights and 24 hours of travel.

They arrived safe and sound. However, 3 of their 4 pieces of luggage have yet to make it. These bags contained not only all of Papaw's clothes, but Christmas gifts for our family. Won't you help us pray they make it to Portugal soon?

We spent a little time on the coast this afternoon. It was cool, rainy and extremely windy...so our time was limited. But it was a lot of fun.

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas! We are thrilled to have Michael's Mom and Stepdad visiting us....our blessings just keep coming.....God is Good!

More soon.....


Jill said...

I'm praying the luggage gets their soon and that you all have a wonderful visit together. Happy New Year!

alicia said...

Beautiful pics! We may have to take you up on your "open invitation" to vacation in Portugal someday! Enjoy your time with grandparents!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of your entire family on the beach...beautiful! It's only too bad you had to take the picture.

Praying those gifts arrive soon! ;-)

Mom said...

Oh my goodness.... I cant believe all their luggage didnt make it there. What do you do? Will the airline keep looking for it? How does that work? Oh I do pray it gets there soon. That is scary. That stuff is suposed to happen to other people, you know, the ones you dont know!? I guess your pictures are in that luggage?
I will be worried to death the next time I come that my luggage wont make it. ARRRRGG!

Paula Micheal said...

Beautiful Pictures! I'm so happy your in-laws made it in. Praying that the luggage arrives quickly.


Dani Joy said...

OH girl what a lovely picture of the children! You did an incredible job! (both taking the picture and making beautiful babies!)

So great that Nanny and PaPaw can be there with you! It´s a long trip for sure! My parents have only made it twice and probably won´t be doing it again. It takes its toll.

I prayed right now for the luggage. What a bummer that the bags didnt´make it.

Have a wonderful time! Enjoy every moment!

Love ya
Dani Joy

Tracy said...

WOW! I couldn't imagine not having my luggage...I hope they get it soon.

Hope you guys have a blessed and safe New Year!

Jen said...

I bet you are having such a wonderful time having them there with you! It sure looks like it! I pray that luggage arrives very soon!

Mom said...

I forgot this comment...

I love Michaels hat!
He looks so European.

Also I was so glad to hear the luggage was found.
Love you, Mom

Olivia said...

Oh dear! I hope the luggage will arrive not damaged and safe at your place soon! Till now none of the airlines lost mine but I can imagine how sad and angry I'd be.
Beautiful pictures! I love them, they make me wish to be in Portugal so badly. :-(
Wish your family a lot of warmth there windy days and all the best for 2010!

Cathy said...

Great pictures! Hope you all have a great time together. I saw on Fringegirls blog that you got the luggage. Hope you have a great time.

Tori said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time with family.
Our guests inevitably always lose at least 1 item of luggage on trips to Croatia. Hope everything arrived safe.

Sending wishes your way for a wonderful 2010 Nina!!

Sharon said...

Praying they get their luggage soon! Beautiful family pics!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What wondeful photos! It is so awesome that you have family that are able to visit! Even though we have family that live in HI, CA, WI, KY, and even as close to GA as AL is...we still have not been to visit some of them. Although, we would love to, it seems liek time just goes by so quickly.

Hope that all the luggage gets there quickly, if they havent already arrived.

Happy New Year or in Hawaiian:
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (sounds like "How..oh-lee...Mah-kah...hee-kee...Ho!" ...your Hawaiian pronunciation lesson for the day :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

(Oh, if you hear from Becka, please let her know I've been thinkin go fher and her family.)

The Hat Chick said...

Enjoy your visit! Having family with you is such a blessing!

Don't send an open invitation to your house though.....I have frequent flier miles and I'm not afraid to use them.