Monday, March 15, 2010

Basketball in a Land of Soccer?

Last Friday we took the girls to basketball practice for the first time. Brooklyn, Faith and Liberty all 3 said they were interested in playing....well, at least trying it a few times in practice to see if they wanted to play.

The coach invited the girls to attend practice for a few weeks to see if they liked it....then they'd discuss prices with us. *gulp* I'm not sure I'm going to like the amount they give me, especially since we'll have to times it times three...(And now 4 times since Trinity wants to play too! Would it be wrong to hope some of them don't like it?!) Yes, that would be wrong.

There are a few things that I don't want my kids to do and one of those is not be able to enjoy something simply because they come from a large family. It's not their fault that have several siblings. Another thing is that I don't want them to ever blame the ministry. Which can be tough at times...even for me.

In a land that knows very little about basketball, our girls had a blast playing a game that makes us feel like Americans!

So here are a few pictures from a proud mama......

Faith and Lib looking on. Not sure what to do!

...still looking on.....

Liberty shooting....

Faith trying to dribble left handed....

Half way through practice the coach came over and asked Trinity why she wasn't playing. Trinity said "no thank you" and turned away. Five minutes later she decided she wanted to try, so Brooklyn walked her out to the coach.

Trying to run past the "pro" players without getting 'out'.......

Trinity trying to shoot....

She spent almost the entire time running across the gym to get her ball where she dribbled it off her foot!

But you can't tell me she wasn't having fun!

Brooklyn stayed home from school sick this day, so we didn't let her play.....bless her heart.

I always loved playing basketball in PE. My grades were never good enough to play on the organized team at the school, but boy I was the "queen" of PE basketball. I was always the tallest. I got to be the center, which I thought was the coolest position. I kept jammed fingers and broken fingernails, but I treasured that ribbon my team won at the end of the 6 week grading period. I never had a problem 'dressing out' when I knew I was going to get to play basketball. I couldn't dribble to save my life but I towered over all the wimpy girls on the other team....intimidation was my strategy. And it worked. We won first place.

My babies......"Lord thank you for these precious gifts!"

Have a great week ya'll


Dani Joy said...

Yay, for B-Ball!! How awesome you found a team for the girls to play on! This will be great for them! I hope they do love it! They will be tall like you probablly and be great!

Funny about your PE b-ball days. I was the shorty who couldn´t shoot. jeje. I do enjoy a good game though! =)

Maybe you should find a team too! YOu would Be awesome! woo hoo! =)

You know there is a woman´s softball team here in Gij√≥n. I would love to play again. Maybe when Joseph is done with Football. =)

Love how you all get so involved in everything!

Dani Joy

Jill said...

They look like naturals to me! If you add in Justice, ten you have your own team!

Becka said...

I just love sports time,
even though our kids rather do music & horse riding lessons,
I do go see some of the other kids from church play,,
sports is a lot of fun, but it is busy season,,makes me tired thinking about it,,,,

I love the picture of all of yall together, tooo sweet,love it.

I miss you so much,
Please pray for me Im having some hard times with some things,,
But God is still wonderful !!
love you

Betty said...

You have been truly blessed! I loved seeing the fun they were having playing b-ball!

Betty said...

You have been truly blessed! I loved seeing the fun they were having playing b-ball!

Anonymous said...

I like all the braids! I am terrible at sports. Played soccer for one semester in college and I stunk. I am sure you were better at basketball than you are letting on, but I would definitely be intimidated if I came up against you in a game. ;-)


Kelly Johnson said...

How much fun for your girls! In the Azores, most of the missionary kids played basketball. It was VERY popular, as long as Santa Clara wasn't playing futebol!!!! Loved seeing the photos and your girls having fun with the Portuguese!

Mom said...

Oh, Im excited! I hope they play/practice while I am there. I want to see my babies playing basketball! Hopfully it wont be to expensive and will give discount for multiples? I have always wanted my grand children to play sports so I could go watch. I feel left out because Aunt LaShawn gets to watch Paul, Luke, and Silas. Uncle Danny gets to watch Lexi and Tessa. Maybe this is my chance. Tell the girls Mimi is so proud of them and not to be shy... get out there and show em how Americans play b'ball!

Love you! Mom

Janice: AKA Nanny said...

Yea! The saddest part is that Nanny and Papaw can't come over for the games. I hope they really enjoy playing. I was the short kid with two left feet. I am sure they will get their athletic ability from Mom and Dad.

I am looking forward to more installments of BB. I too, love their braided hair. They are all so beautiful and Justice is too handsome.

Tell them Nanny and Papaw will be watching in spirit when they are playing.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Whoohoo! We are in the midst of all the college basketball! With our three at UK, we are rooting for the UK Wildcats... but also with our two girls being undergrad alumns of Louisville, we loyally follow them as well :o)

Great job with the B-ball! Hope that Brooklyn is feeling better.

Love the photo of you and all your babies :o)

Blessings & Aloha!