Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Solution = Another Problem

An email I received this morning from some women's health magazine was titled "7 foods that make you gassy." After a brief chuckle my finger went to hit the delete button but instead I opened the email. Call it an accident, call it what you will.....but what I realized upon further inspection is this:

There is a reason my stomach has been bloated for the last 18 months!

I eat everything on that list!


All 7 foods! And the funny thing is (well it's not really funny for those that live with me) is that I eat most all 7 items everyday!

Does that not sound like my sort of luck, or what?!

Here are the seven foods: (cause I know you're wondering)
  1. Vegetables (I'm practically a vegetarian)
  2. Fruits, especially apples, peaches and pears. (Fruit has become, except in rare occasions, my dessert...and I have a huge sweet tooth, so you can imagine how much fruit I eat.)
  3. Starchy foods (I'm a carb addict..whole grains of course, which makes it worse)
  4. Milk and Dairy Products (I drink milk in my coffee, have milk in my starchy, fiber ridden cereal and eat cheese all the time...the low fat version, but by now, who cares?)
  5. Oats (This is ridiculous...I eat whole grain oats every morning)
  6. Beans (we all know how the song goes....bean, beans, the magical fruit.....)
  7. Sodas (I love a good diet coke from time to time)
So in my attempt to eat healthier, this is what I get.

Way too much information, huh?


Heather Simpson said...

Well, the way I look at it is that the Women's Health Magazine had to come up with something to write about...there may be some truth to it, but everything you listed is from our Basic Food Groups! So, I say EAT, ENJOY, AND BE HEALTHY!! :)

the domestic fringe said...

I guess I shouldn't admit that I have a problem with this, but I do. My problem is that the gas gets stuck and I bloat like a balloon and I can't pop my stomach.

Not good.

Kay said...

More than likely it is only the dairy that may be causing the bloating. I gave up dairy (most of it) and haven't been having the stomach problems I always had. I eat 5-6 small meals/snacks daily (every 3 hours) and it's usually a lean protein, fruit and/or veggie. I'm losing weight (which I need) and feeling SO much better! I always used to blame my stomach problems on the raw fruits and veggies, but it was actually because I was adding the dairy which was the main cause! Also, I've cut out sugar and salt and drink ONLY water now. The health benefits are enough to keep me going! Yeah, I still "cheat" sometimes, but always pay for it.
Woe to your family! LOL!

Dani Joy said...

You goof! We all eat fruit and veggies, but you must eat all the gassy ones! jejeje

well, did it say what you could do to help the situation and still eat healthy? I mean we all need these 7 things as far as I know.

great Mama Fit!

Dani Joy

Nina in Portugal said...

You guys are funny!

Yes, I seem to choose all the especially gassy fruits and veggies. I love high fiber cereals that I eat way too frequently cause it's easy. It's just my luck, really.

Danielle, I think the article said to increase water intake..but that's about all I remember....but drinking a bunch of water on top of an already bloated/painful stomach is difficult to do most days....but I try....oh, and a good gas pill comes in handy too. ;)

Marytoo said...

Did they say what foods to eat? Because that list basically covers pretty much all the foods I know about.

Tori said...

Okay Nina, is it the fruit and veggies or those stinky old beans that you're eating. Hey and carbonated drinks are a major cause of bloating.

Hey at least if there's a flood you'll float!!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha! oh..sorry about that! um..after reading the list of 7 things...I am in the same boat! well...except for the soda...that I can only drink if it's flat or if I have icecream in it! (double the gas?)

Oh well. thank you for sharing...
Blessings & Aloha!
I hope you get a chance to pop over...I would love to share a few of our son's original songs for you to hear.

The Hat Chick said...

I have been having a similar problem, but I thought it was just a stomach virus. I don't eat that many veggies, I can't live without Coke and there'e no way I'm giving up pasta or cream in my coffee.