Monday, November 8, 2010

A Photo Journey - Autumn Afternoon

Last week we enjoyed some beautiful Fall weather.  Usually by this time of year, the rain and wind have set in and the yard is so soggy you can't walk in it.  But the Lord extended our Fall season here in Northern Portugal and we loved it!

After the kids had eaten lunch there was still a little time before they had to be back at school so we went outside to find something to is our photo journey of an Autumn Afternoon:

"What are we going to do Mom?"

Major wanted to play ball.

I wanted to swing and relax.

Major really wanted to play ball.

I decided to take some pictures.

Our oranges are almost ready.

Faith and Lib went on a treasure hunt.

Complete with a map and backpacks.

Faith looked more like Pipi Longstockings than she did a treasure discoverer.

Trinity didn't like any of our ideas.

And she really didn't like me taking her picture while pouting.

How long can I hide the fact that 9 year olds in America have REAL cell phones and don't play with their parents old ones?  Let's not tell her, okay?

Finally, it was time to return the kids to school  This is THE tree in the school yard, where everything happens.  I remember in my elementary school yard, it was a huge old tire on the playground.

When I left the school, I drove out to the coast for some me and God time.

Yes, I took these while driving...and yes I had a wreck while doing so.  But no one was hurt, not even my fender where I ran into a van.  Only my pride was damaged.

It was a beautiful day.

The water was rough and muddy looking, but I didn't mind.

During August, one can hardly see sand for the number of people on the beach.  I like it like this much better.

Always fishermen.

Sometimes I wonder if I started swimming how long it would take me to reach the eastern coast of America.

But then I realize how dumb that is.

It's almost time to go back to the school...good bye pretty skies....

This is what I was greeted bye when I walked in Justice's classroom.

My little man and one of his buddies.

Then it was home and back to the daily grind of snacks, homework, supper, baths and housework.  It was a fun afternoon.  I hope you enjoyed the journey.


Jen said...

Lovely journey! Thanks for sharing! The coast looks wonderful!

Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

I enjoyed the jounney!!! Thanks, Judy

Jill said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your afternoon. : ) Your children are beautiful, and there are still some 9 year olds in America that play with their parents' old cell phones. : ) Glad you weren't hurt in your little accident. When are you all coming back on furlough?

Starla said...

Hello!!! I've been away to long on Blogger. Your kids are growing up. Your orange tree is doing well also. :) Well I'm back to blogging and I know you probably don't remember me ( I'm going to try and not stay away. I enjoy reading all the blogs that I use to read.

Dani Joy said...

Gorgeous! Makes me miss Gijón, Spain.

Neighbor, I have thought the same thing about swimming out into the ocean. I think it´s that longing for family and friends that drives us to those crazy thoughts. LOL You are truly a kindred spirit!

I love the pictures and the autumn look of your blog. I am so nostalgic these days. everything reminds me of my childhood days in NY. The holidays are coming up and it will be our first time celebrating with family since we went to Spain in 2000.

Big hugs my dear friend.
Dani Joy

Betty said...

What a beautiful country you get to serve in. Be blessed! Loved the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love Faith's skirt! It's so cute. My son has my old cell phone. He just likes to play with the ringtones. Last week my daughter went to see if the little girl down the road wanted to play. She told my daughter she was too busy texting on her new phone to play. She's SEVEN!

Amrita said...

Your pictures are so adorable. Wush I was there too.

Mom said...

oh yeah, I enjoyed the ride to the beach with you. The road looks familar. I cant beleieve you hit a car.. oh, wait.. yes I can. The things we do to get good pics! I wish the ocean was that close to me and without the threat of hurricains.
Thank you for my visit with my babies here at work the other day... you dont know how it brighten my afternoon.
love you