Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh No!

You've got to be kidding me.....Blogger is telling me that I can't upload any more pictures.

My husband tells me I don't really have a blog anyway...more like a photo album and that I should actually say something from time to time. 

Fringegirl commented on my last post about my boring blog......

"Ha! You going to group therapy?

It wouldn't be boring if you would write something every once in a while. ;-)

Have a happy weekend!

But those are easy words coming from literary geniuses.

Off to see what's up with Blogger.  They've got to give me a break.  Maybe there is a clause that will allow more photo space to those of us who don't know if 'realize' is spelled with an 's' or a 'z'. 

Because, if not....we're all in trouble.


Amrita said...

Oh dear! tell us how you resolve this problem.

Jen said...

It won't? Weird. I use Flickr for my photos. I think you're ok however you spell realize, people might just be confused on where you're from! :)

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures!!!!

We can all protest blogger until they give you more album space. I'll put my marching shoes on and get the signs ready. You just tell when to mobilize!

Totally don't think you should put me in the same category with your husband. I've read his writing and he's better than I'll ever hope to be. That's the truth!

I still like YOUR writing. It's special, fun, and you. Write on! With pictures of course. ;-)


The Herd said...

Hey, I don't know how I lost your blog, but I found you again! Blogger told me the same....so, I asked around to a missionary friend who has sooooooooooo many pics and she just went ahead and paid the $5 a month.
Have you ever turned your blog into a book? It makes a great way to save all those words and pics. Ask me for more info if you want more info. I just do it through Cutest Blog on the Block. I've done two books over the last 3 or so years. Hope you guys are doing well...don't forget to come over to my blog...doing a giveaway there. I can send to your address here in the states.

Nina in Portugal said...

Once I found out it was only $5 a year, I went ahead and bought more photo space. Seems to have fixed my problem.

I have no idea about this 'turning your blog into a book' thing. I'll have to check it out...I'd LOVE to have that done!

Thanks for telling me about it!

The Herd said...

So funny, Yep, it's $5 a year not a month...haha!!! oops! I did the same too. You can still do the blog book at any time...you pick the start and stop blog entries...and you don't have to include comments unless you want to. It comes in a hard bound coffee table type book. I love mine. I think I will do it every couple of years or so. Much easier than scrapbooking! AND All those words I wrote are so not wasted!!

Tori said...

Wow, that's really interesting. You have to buy more space? Really?
Hmm, learn something new every day.

Dani Joy said...

Hey, It would be so worth it to put all our blogs into books! love that! We have to do it, Nina!

What a great idea!

My brother in law works for Google and he said he could hook me up with more space. hmmmm I wonder. Is it just out there for the taking? Where does this space come from?

Can´t wait to see all the new pics!

Your Boringer Neighbor,
Dani Joy

Gayle said...

Really enjoy your Blog! You have a beautiful family!
God Bless!

Sharon said...

We all like pics! Maybe start Blog #2?