Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kitchen Cuddles

I've often heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home and I agree.  I love having a large kitchen with plenty of room for everyone to have their hand in the preparing of dinner.  Don't get me wrong, family meal preparation doesn't happen every night and it certainly doesn't happen without a good many 'issues'.  But when it does, we have a great time!

In my kitchen my most commonly used items have names.  For example, my drawer contains many pairing knives but my two favorites are Slice and Dice.  They're twins.  One was a gift from my husband and I loved it so much I bought myself another.  It's nice having more than one 'good' knife so that more than one person can be, well...Sliceing and Diceing at the same time.  When I need a knife and ask for someone to bring me one, I could receive any one of the knives in our kitchen....but when I ask for Slice or Dice...they know what I'm talking about.  Makes for a much smoother Mother/Daughter tandam.

Our kitchen and dinning room is combined and allows for plenty of room to lounge, read, play board games, use the computer...enjoy each others company.  And when all is done around the aromas of a cooking dinner it makes these long, cold and rainy winters days much more enjoyable.


Tori said...

What a great kitchen you have. Her sitting on the counter reading is adorable.
BTW, those cookies look delish.

Did I miss it? When do you guys head back for furlough? Will you keep your house there while you're in the states?

Betty said...

You kitchen sounds very cozy. And looks great!
And I love the name of your knives. They sound like a handy tool. Something I need.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

quick stop to say hello! ..our younger daughter is bringing home her boyfriend for us to meet, so I should be finishing with my pick up of my art and sewing stuff!!! Oh well...trying to get some blog time in too! :o)

Love the idea of "Slice and Dice"! I have my favorite-reach-for kitchen must haves too :o)

Love that you have a big kitchen for all your kiddies to gather around :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Dani Joy said...

definately one way to count your blessings!! Even when it´s raining.

Those cookies look so lovely. Good enough for a cookbook!

Miss you girl.

Big hugs.
Dani Joy

Anonymous said...

You have a great kitchen! I love that the oven light is on in the photo. Makes it looks very cool.

Nina in Portugal said...

Thanks Ladies for your sweet comments!

Tori - We will be leaving for furlough the first week of June and will only be there three months. Our prayer is that we will have a house sitter while we're gone to care for our house/yard/animals. We have no plans to change locations or houses. Just a quick trip home to give a quick report and raise a little extra support and visit family. Praying we can do it all in the three months....hope you are all enjoying your time Stateside!

The Lockhart Family said...

You do have a lovely kitchen! I am finally repaying your visit to my blog and have enjoyed reading! Thanks for the thoughtful comments and prayers.