Tuesday, September 13, 2011

They're Yours Lord

I have a ratty notebook beside my computer full of post ideas.  While washing dishes, I'll think, "Oooo, that's a good thing to blog about!"  I'll run, suds-covered hands to my computer and scribble down something illegible, something that I just know you guys would love.

Then, two days later when I have 2.3 seconds to sit and write, the topics in my notebook (if I can read them) seem dumb..... shallow.......

This morning my heart is heavy.

Those corny ideas will have to wait for another day.

My thoughts are on my children.

Today officially begins the school year.  Three girls are already out the door while the remaining two are still in bed, awaiting Mama's call to 'rise and shine'. (Man, I could go for a Hardees biscuit right about now..)

Those oldest three.....that are gone, not to return today until after 5:30.....that will spend an entire day away from Mom and Dad.....that will make their own decisions without council from us.....those three, precious souls that God adores....those same three are on my heart.

"Lord, they're yours.  You blessed us with them....blessings they certainly are.  But from the moment we knew for certain they were on their way, we prayed, giving them back to you.  We're not capable, us alone  in ourselves, of raising them.  I can't be with them always, as You can.  Speak to their nervous hearts this morning, encourage them to do what's right, what's honorable.  Help them to shine today....a light in this dark land.  Bless them I pray......"


Tori said...

Oh Nina,
What a precious post. I'm sure God is using your little missionaries in His own special way.
They are all getting so big. Seems like they were almost babies when you arrived in Portugal.
God bless ya and have a great school year!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts. I am an MK from Mexico but now married and in the States. As a mom, I struggled with what you wrote giving your children to the Lord also. My children went to school for 5 yrs and then the Lord laid it on my husband and my hearts to homeschool. Now I homeschool and loving every minute of it. I am glad they had those years at school but they along with me are thankful for the next "season" in our lives.

Maybe, if your girls have got the command of the language and all that they need to succeed then maybe next year can be your "new season" in ALL ya'lls lives. I will pray for you guys.

Here is a post that you might like. http://www.generationcedar.com/main/

PS. I have met Tori, she and her family came to our church while on furlough, she is a sweet lady.

In Christ, Damara Poledna

Cathy said...

Nina...it's hard to let them go out into the world when we aren't with them. But you are so right. God is always with them. I have to remind myself constantly that God loves them even more than I do and that He will guide them and take care of them. I'm not in another country as you are, but I must say sometimes it's hard to let my 19 year old be 1000 miles away from me. But again, God is holding her even though I can't.

I will pray for you and your family and God's wonderful protection for you all.

Betty said...

I´m sure they will do well in school. They look like such good kids and I¨m sure you have instilled some good principals into them.
May God bless them!

the domestic fringe said...

It is hard to let them go, but thankfully we have a great God that goes with them. They are growing up to become beautiful young people that the Lord has a special plan for. It will be exciting to see how God will use them this school year. *Hugs from afar*

Amrita said...

God bless the sweeties.

Tonight we had a service in church and a missionary from Brazil sang a lovely worship song in Portuguese. We couldn 't understand the words but joined her in the spirit. And I thought of you. You would understyand what she was singing.