Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun Times with Our Church Family

Christmas Play

Christmas Eve Dinner

Two precious Angles

One Angel and One Shepherd

A Journalist and Mary

Church outing to Viana do Castelo

Two sweeties eating some sweets

At the train station 

Viana do Castelo!

McDonalds is always a treat.

My Love and I on the train.

Other cuties we saw on the train.

We certainly don't take for granted our precious friends from church.  This morning, I'm thanking the Lord for friendships and co-laborers in the ministry.


Cathy said...

Love your pictures.

Tori said...

Wow, it looks like everyone had a great time. Did you guys plant that church or are you helping out with it? I could probably go to your website for the answer but I'm lazy! :0)

Dani Joy said...

Hey Nieghbor! I am back blogging! wow what a break I took. Well, I found a reason to get back. Some great devotionals and our ladies!

Your pictures of your Christmas were such a blessing to see! You all are so blessed in your ministry and even though you may not see it everyday, know that What God is doing in your midst is very big! Just not heard of here in Western Europe very often. Praising the Lord with you.

Dani Joy

Amrita said...

Happy Mother 's Day, truswt you all are well