Monday, February 9, 2015

Coffee with a Friend

I had coffee with a friend this morning.

She asked me, "Why Portugal" was fun telling her our story.  She also got told the very funny story of me snorting like a pig at the butcher.  Yep....true story.

I don't get asked to coffee very fact I can count on one hand how many times someone outside the church has asked me to do anything.  Seven years later, I'm still strange to the folks around us.  I mean I wear tennis shoes when I'm not supposed to, I walk around with my travel coffee mug and I hang my clothes out to dry in an unorganized fashion.  In this small village, things like this matter.  To me... they don't matter at all.

The fact that a new friend asked me to coffee today was a victory.

Yay for having friends.


Maria Macedo said...

Foi um café delicioso, espero ter mais momentos asim com a tua companhia :)
love you!

Maria Macedo said...

Por favor Nina poe a opção translate, é muito inglês para traduzir,Demorô muito mais tempo a ler no tablet.obrigada pela compreensão,beijo