Monday, March 17, 2008

School in Full Swing

School is back in full swing. We've been back at the books for a few weeks now. I am really enjoying school, believe it or not. I am so thankful to be at home everyday instead of in a suburban driving down the highway with 5 sick kids and McDonald's for lunch again. We have a nice multi purpose room we use as a school room (not pictured above). I have a desk, and right now the kids sit on the floor, but they don't care. Hopefully we can find them a table or desks to work at.

The last few days have been interesting. There was a circus in our village this weekend. You could see the tent from our front porch. We thought with it being a "dinky" circus and not the Ringling Bros that we could afford to take the kids. Well, after we inquired further, we realized that we could NOT afford to take everyone, so we opted for a Saturday at the park. Everyone enjoyed it. Probably more than we would have enjoyed the circus anyway. Later that night after the kids were in bed, we could hear the music and lions roaring from the circus. I got scared just thinking about being there. So I am very thankful we didn't go.

Our battery has been trying to go out on our van. The last few times we drove it Michael, Brooklyn and Faith had to push me down the road so I could "pop" the clutch. What a sight we must have been to our already curious neighbors! "The Americans with 5 kids make their kids push the car down the road. " I can just hear it now! We replaced the battery today, so hopefully we won't have to do that anymore.

Faith has really enjoyed playing with the critters found in our yard. The picture above is an example what she's been playing with. I suppose she doesn't realize girls are supposed to think slugs are nasty! She lets these slimy things crawl up and down her arm! She names them and when they die, she gives them funerals. (Well, it's usually when Trinity steps on them.)


Sellers Family said...

Trin sure is smiling sweet for the picture. We miss you all very much.

Tori said...

Oh wow school. I'm sure my kids would be less than excited, mine are a bit bigger, 10th, 7th and 5th. Not a lot of coloring in those grades.

I see something familiar, we used to do SOS with our kids, for several years actually. We have switched to Landmark now and we're really happy with it.

European houses are very identifiable by their tiles. We have tiles like that in Croatia too, the Croats love them. They Gypsies take all the left over tiles they can find in dumps and trash and put them all together for an even more colorful display, it's fun to see. :0)

God sure has blessed you with a great house, hope it brings you lots of fun family times.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Teacher!

Snails have shells, slugs don't! Faith will find this interesting.
Try pouring some salt onto one of them and see what happens!

Nina Andrzejewski said...

Ok, smarty pants...who ever you are...snail...not slug...I was wrong...feel better now?