Friday, March 14, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding...

While my husband was pastoring in Lagrange, Ga, he used to struggle to keep the yard up. Well, it was several acres, not the average yard. The church has a parsonage right next door and the previous owners of the house really liked flowers and rocks. Sort of a weird combination, Huh? Well, Michael doesn't care for flowers and he certainly doesn't like rocks in the yard especially when there are several acres to mow. He used to say that people didn't need anything in their yard that they couldn't eat! --

Today, Michael went outside to try to get play-doh off Justices shoes. While he was there, he struck up a conversation with our neighbor, Vino. Vino told him all about the different trees we have in our yard. We already knew we had lemons and oranges, cause we've been eating them for the past 3 weeks, but we weren't sure what some of the others were. Some are just now starting to bloom and get leaves. Vino told us we have:

2 pear trees
3 olive trees
3 fig trees
1 cherry tree
1 peach tree
1 plumb
1 nectarine
4 orange trees
3 lemon trees
1 tangerine tree
1 clementine tree

Would you believe that there isn't one tree in our yard that does not produce fruit? My, my...what a might God we serve! Isn't it awesome when He shows out like that?


Heather said...

Wow! That is quite a list of fruit trees....and just to think...all in your own backyard! What a blessing! The lemon Brooklyn is holding is huge!!!

Heather said...

Ms. Nina,
If you take the time to check out my blog - I just posted some more photos. After seeing those pictures of the huge lemon I had to post a couple photos of some tomatoes we grew last year in our garden. I wonder what the fruit and veggies were like in the Garden of Eden....~Heather

Anonymous said...

Ms.Nina how blessed are you guys with all those fruit trees.
All that's missing is ME to help you eat it.
The Lemon Brooklyn is holding made my mouth water just looking at it.The girls look so pretty and happy,I just love reading your blog and looking at all the pictures.Makes me not miss all of you so much.Aint GOD Good!!!!!!!
Love You All,

Tori said...

Hey that's great, sounds typically like Europe. In Croatia it's the same thing, they don't usually plant anything that isn't going to produce something they can eat.

We bought a house here in Croatia, (had to sell it later) but anyhow, it had a complete vineyard, walnuts, peaches, rasberries, 3 kinds of apples and pears, we loved it. Actually we realized it was way too much fruit for us and much of it rotted. Shame on us.

Enjoy all those goodies, and the lemon is huge!

Oh yea how did your husband talk to the neighbor, did he speak English?
Just curious *Ü*

Nina Andrzejewski said...

Yes, Tori he did speak Portuguese. He got up yesterday morning saying, he needed to find someone to talk to. And the Lord put Vino there for him! He does really well to never of had any official training. Portuguese and Spanish are similar, still much different...but do have some similarities. He already spoke pretty good Spanish, so he does well with simple conversation.

Grace said...

What a blessing! It's so neat when God does extra "little" things to let you know He cares about you.

Anonymous said...

Nina, my thoughts immediately go to Grandma when I read about all these fruit trees. You know how excited she would be if she were here. (about the trees) I miss her so much. I find myself a few times a day thinking I want to call her. Yesterday for just a split second I thought to myself, I think I will go to mothers when I get off. But she is not there. I have her picture on the counter by the sink, and every time I look at it I say to myself, mother, I cant believe your no longer here. Its like a bad dream. But you know, she is so happy. There is no telling what questions she is asking Jesus!
Love you.... MOM

Anonymous said...


That's 21 trees in 1 yard! I'm envious, because all my 21 Kazillion oaktrees and pinetrees offer us only acorns and pinecones to eat. When I read that you have a plum tree I wondered if you knew there once was a plum orchard across from Grandma's and next to Uncle Danny's. My great-grandpa planted it and when I was a little child there were still a few bearing trees that all us children would fill up on each summer vacation. My Grandma used to tell us we were going to get a 'tummy ache'. I don't remember ever getting one, but it's a wonder. Mama just let us enjoy the country and eat all the plums we wanted. Now she's sharing fruit with the seems so difficult to believe. So quickly life has changed; nothing seems the same; the only way I can describe the feeling is of being totally lost, with nothing to fill this hole in my heart. Each time I walk into the house I look for a message on the answering machine from her. She is talking with the Lord now, probably about how many plums we children used to eat, and enjoying the Homecoming with her loved ones already there. But most of all, praising her Lord in person. How blessed our family is. ~Somehow, I don't think there are any lemons in heaven, plums maybe, but no lemons!

I love you...Aunt Shawn

Erica Lynn said...

That's great, I love it when God chooses to bless us in those ways.

anna said...

i think it was so cool when i saw the list of fruit trees you had. well i got to go i love ya'll so much love anna

Holly said...

WOW! The Lord is good!