Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Miss You Guys!

I miss my family. This pictures was taken at my grandmothers graveside service. I'm the only one not there...and well...Grandma.

I miss you guys!!

I've not had the best day today. Language lessons were a bomb. I felt like the 3 hrs were really 6 hrs and I kept watching the clock. I didn't do very well at all. I need to study harder so that my next class will be better. Pray for me please.

This is our garage. All these things belong to Ms. Dawne Hart, our co-worker who is scheduled to arrive May 27. ---I thought you'd like to see your things, Ms. Dawne! We're eager for you to get here!


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, Raygan isn't in the picture either. I noticed that you guys and Raygan were the only ones missing. Well, I miss you TOO!! Glad to read that you are catching on with the language. That sounds like a tall task. Tell the girls that their quilts look beautiful! I love you and I miss you!

Nina Andrzejewski said...

I didn't even notice Raygan wasn't there. I'm sorry! Who had her?

Tori said...

Oh, I'm sorry you miss your family so. It'll get easier.

Oh wow many times I've watched the clock. Sometimes it just doesn't click and it's like pulling a tooth.The language will come soon and you'll think, "wow how did I understand that".
Happy Studying!

BTW, I love your ever changing header!

Anonymous said...

Believe me... your family misses ALL of you! You better study that language so you can talk to those people and tell them why your there!! Remeber what Grandma told you. Go and do it.

Anonymous said...

I just went back and looked at the picture... your not the only one missing. Not only is Raygan missing so is MICHAEL, BROOKLYN, FAITH, LIB, TRIN, AND JUSTICE! As I looked at the picture there were several kids missing. Five of Grandma's great-grand children are missing. You know when we are ALL together we have a load of little kids!

Joy Clayton said...

Hey girl, we do miss you so much! I talk about you to everyone. I will have to start planning a trip to come see you and see all the beautiful landscape in Portugal that are in your pictures. Keep up the good work with the language lessons. I know you can do it!!!

Anonymous said...


Part of our hearts are missing in the photo too......because they were there with you in Portugal. Our hearts and prayers are always with you, and especially were on that day. You're so much a part of us; even zillions of miles can't take that away.

I love you.


Molly said...

Hi Nina,
Praying today for your language studies. When we were overseas we used the LAMP method (Here is a link to the book that explains it).

Those who used this method were far more fluent (and much less stressed) than those who tried to learn with formal language classes...I'd love to "talk"/email more about it sometime, if you feel it could be helpful to you. I especially recommend it for someone like you, with young children.

It is hard for a busy momma to find the time to study. This method is based on learning small amounts of dialogue and then practicing them again and again with different people in the real world. It is based on the way a child learns/acquires formal study of grammar, but learning patterns that can be applied in many different contexts.

One of my many jobs on the mission field was Language Coordinator. It was my responsibility to oversee the language study for all new missionaries. Can you tell I have a heart for it???