Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meet Salt 'n' pepper

Yes, these are rodents, and yes, they are our pets...and YES I have lost my mind!~~~We wanted something for the kids. Something low maintenance that they could take care of themselves. Hamsters seemed like a good and cheap idea. These poor little guys (well..girls) have already gotten squeezed, dropped, and thrown across the room. We've only had them for about 9 hrs. Bless their hearts.

Here are a few pictures of the kids playing with their snail collection. What's the deal with us...rodents...snails...yuck!

And another few pictures of the flowers I planted a week ago. They survived the week with rain everyday and no sunshine. The sun came out for a little while yesterday and they opened back up. So thumb isn't completely black..maybe a little gray!

Hope everyone has a great day in the House of the Lord tomorrow. Pray for us please.


Heather said...

Those little hamsters are adorable!
My siblings had gerbils for several years, but (thankfully)they finally died. My sister's gerbil was named Pepper as well. I never liked them....always thought hamsters are much better looking (WINK)! That reminds me of when I was really little we were pet watching some hamsters....they ended up being squeezed to death by my loving little brother, who happened to be about 2yrs. old at the time. Poor things!
By the way, your flowers are beautiful!!! Thanks for posting all those pictures!
Have a blessed Sunday!

Tori said...

The hamsters are kinda cute but they resemble mice to much for me!

Your flowers are so pretty and the kids are cute as usual!

Erica Lynn said...

Beautiful flowers! We still have snow on the ground so we can't plant flowers until about June. The hamsters are pretty cute, you are pretty brave though. I don't think I could do it. Have a good day!

Grace said...

Cute hamsters:)I had a hamster when I was young...I loved the thing:D

Sarah Sellers said...

O my goodness I've always wanted a hamster I'm soooooo jealous haha
I miss ya'll so much and I can't wait to come see ya'll in the fall if everything works out right.
ttyl bye

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you got those little hamsters for your kids. I bet they are just loving it. What a great pet idea. Their names are great too. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

What lovely pics of the family AND of the hamsters ;-)


Anonymous said...

aww they were so cute i wish i could have one i miss you so much love anna

Lora's Life said...

I am so very thankful to God that you added "Salt & Pepper" after I left. Too close to a RAT for me. Trin hasn't squished them yet has she? Remember the snails? Ha! Ha!