Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cards, Spiked Hair & Spain

Remember back when I posted and asked you all to help us pray concerning our necessary paperwork to be in Portugal? Well, we finally received our cards....yippee! They are 1 year temporary residence cards. We will have to renew them next spring and then hopefully we'll get cards that will be good for 2 yrs. Here they are!

He is too cute!

The girls with a friend from school.

Procession at the "end of the school year" celebration.

I love my new camera!---My kids don't stay still long enough to get a good shot of them, so flowers are my victims!

Monday night we drove up into Spain. Our main objective was to find cheaper gas. What we found was cheaper gas, but not cheap enough to go to Spain to get it! We decided quickly that we liked Portugal just fine and was actually relieved when we crossed the boarder heading back in to Portugal. We were only in Spain for about 1.5 hrs...but long enough to miss our "home"! Here are a few pictures. Not the best quality though, they were taken from inside the car. Now I can say I've been to Spain. Been there, done that...don't care to go back.


Anonymous said...

My Justice is growing up too fast. Are his eyes brown? Praise the Lord for answered prayer. I am so thankfulyou are now legal in Portugal. I am also thankful you have a new camera so I can see my babies. Love, Nanny

Anonymous said...

looks like mug shots from the FBI... who's the criminal on the far left side? :)
Oh my gosh!! Its Baby Face Justice!
Love ya'll Mom
p.s. you didnt tell me you went to Spain.

Anonymous said...

He IS too cute (handsome) I remember boys are handsome, girls are pretty. They are all so precious. What's the temperature this time of year in Portugal? Love you guys, Janet Robertson

Holly said...

I have always wanted to go to Spain, but maybe not. From your pictures Portugal is gorgeous!