Sunday, January 25, 2009

Move Over Little Debbie

A few days ago, with a longing in his eyes, my husband told me how nice an oatmeal cream pie would be. Since Little Debbie is prejudice against Portugal, I did a little experimenting in the kitchen. Here's what I ended up with. (Those of you on Weight Watchers need to skip over this picture very quickly....or else you may 'fall of the wagon' like I did!)

But I get tired of eating this....even if it is pretty!

Here are a few pictures of Liberty's birthday party we had to postpone til this weekend.

We may not have Little Debbie, but we have sparkler candles!!

She is so excited about her calculator!

Last Friday, after my 4 year old's convicting words, we ended up squeezing in a Mommy/Daughter day. It was horrible weather outside. Cold, rainy and wind blowing something like 650 mph. She didn't really care what we did on her special day. All she requested was that I buy her something.

She said, "Mommy, I'll only get one small thing, so I don't use up all your money."

(I tell you what...I don't know about you, but when my kids say things like makes me WANT to use up all my money!! She was so sweet!) She picked out a pair of dress-up shoes that had matching hair bows and necklace. The quality is about the equivalent of toys from the Dollar Tree. She waited patiently on us to get home and ripped open the package, flung off her socks and to both our surprise, her little fat foot wouldn't fit in the shoes! She was sweet again....she said "I'll just give them to Justice...he can play with them." My son wearing pink high heels was not a pretty thought...but I was focusing on her kind heart. Twenty minutes later I found the hair bows on the floor. Each with their pretty pink flowers torn off.....I guess she gave her hair bows to Justice too?!


Michelle said...

Yummy! You did a great job on those pies. Also , looks like a very Happy Birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

You've got sweet, sweet kids.

Happy Birthday Liberty!!!

You gonna share the recipe for those oatmeal cream pies? They look amazingly fantastically wonderfully fattening. I think I, um, I mean my family may need some.


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Okay first, you might need to post the recipe for those cookies. They look awesome!

Second, my Abby (6yo) sounds a lot like your Liberty. She LOVES numbers and math and has since she was a toddler. She can spend hours just punching different numbers into a calculator and showing them to me.

("Look at THIS one I made!")

I need to make a note- a calculator of her very own would rock her world. ;)

I hope Liberty and all had a wonderful bday.

(Oh, and I don't think I mentioned, I've been in Lisbon, but only on a layover. I spent 2 mos in the Azores islands. Loved it and learned a lot of Portuguese. Gotta really visit the Iberian Peninsula sometime.)

TCKK said...

Oh man! The cookies look so much better than the salad!!
Looks like your daughter had a great birthday party.

Anonymous said...

When we called yesterday, Trinity talked first. What are you feeding that child? She is WIRED! She talked for 3 minutes straight (that was just the first paragraph or maybe sentence)she rocked in straight chair (not a rocker) and never paused or took a breath. I can't wait to talk with her in person. I hope then, I will be able to understand more than every fifth word.

Everyone is growing up so fast. I look at them and expect them to be the same as a year ago.

Papaw is finally getting some work and it looks like it may be actually better than what he was doing. What I pray that means is that we will be coming during the school break in April.

The cookies look great. How did Michael rate them as compared to Lil Debbie's. From what I can see they are probably much better.

Love you all,


Sandy Sellers said...

Hey, the pics are great. It is so great you had a mother/daugther day with Trin. She looks so sweet and happy.
Lib looks like she had a great bday.
Love ya all

Rob and Deanna said...

Your salad looks Delicious! But, I'm sure it gets tiring. Just wondering if you are able to buy good salad dressing over there? I have a delicious homemade salad dressing that the kids love. Most any salad can me made palatable with the right kind of dressing. ;-) I'll have to check the ingredients & see if it would be possible overseas.