Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is Ridiculous

When I can see my breath INSIDE my house. That's too cold.


Anonymous said...

Ya, I think you need heat! Do you have a fireplace? Hope you week is warmer. I heard you burn more calories in the cold...that's a bright spot.

Tracy @ our Journey said...

That is pretty bad....what is the usual temp. there in the winter?

My hubby just thought someone was shaking the was in there but him. I don't think he was having chills....but maybe. He just says he hurts all over...even his face ;o}

Hope it isn't the flu!!!

Mom said...

I feel sorry for you.. No wonder Lib had her coat on yesterday when I was talking to her.
You know I would freeze to death!
Today Terry and I put blankets over the door ways to the dinning room and kept all the bedroom doors closed. The dinning room is COLD. Zachary just went in the spare room to watch TV and said "ITS COLD IN HERE!" Its going to be cold here all week.
We are trying to reduce the power bill!
I love you and stay warm

TCKK said...

Why is it so cold?

BUTLER said...

Are you cold ???

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Yeah, that is cold! I guess you guys don't have indoor heat either?! At least we are in a subtropical climate! Pile on the layers and drink hot chocolate.

Pilar Stark said...

yeah, and we are still 10 degrees F lower than you.... it is cold!! but hey... we are in january right? Never this cold in AL :)

Nina in Portugal said...

The temps are hovering right around freezing. It's fairly normal for this time of year, but the snow we had last Friday was not normal. Our house is concrete. We have radiator style heaters on every wall, but who can afford to run them all at the same time?! Not us!! So we heat one room and try to stay in it as much as possible. But when you leave it to go somewhere else in the house, you come back with red fingers and runny noses. I was cleaning bathrooms Saturday and my breath was fogging everything up! I bet there's not a germ one that can survive in that type of cold, so I should just stop cleaning, huh?! ;)

We dress in many layers, wear coats in the house, tights on our legs and socks too...sometimes several pairs. When we go out to church and other places the buildings are not heated so our feet are numb before returning home. I've been carrying a blanket to church. This seems to help, but the Portuguese don't do I feel very American when I do! We sit in church and blow hot air through our noses like dragons!

The temps aren't much lower than what I'm used to in the States, it's just that very few buildings are heated. That's what makes it seem so cold.

No fringegirl, no enjoy yours for me too!

Michelle said...

What!?? Are you saying you don't have a heater? You need to get one. I don't like being cold. Burr! Hope it warms up soon. :)

Tori said...

That's funny, been there done that!
It has been in the teens here for weeks. The other morning I went out and found the kids pour pitchers of water on the side walk and it was freezing instantly. They were skating back and forth having a ball.
Johnny came home and almost broke his neck on the homemade rink.

The old house we lived in didn't heat very well so I have tights for every day too, and turtle necks and hubby's flannel shirts.

enjoy it, it'll be hot again before long.

Starla said...

Yes, that is too cold!!!

Tabatha said...

I know this heating and air man who could come and install central heat for you! Now if the Lord would just provide the money, etc. for the trip, we'd be there.

Our heating bill was nearly tripled from last month, so I am trying to conserve as well, but although my nose, fingers and toes might be cold, I must say I can't see my breath inside the house.