Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mama Fit

What in the world is a Twitter?

I can't figure it out.

I'm slow......I know.

It's rained almost constantly for the last 3 weeks. This is that wonderful time of year....rain, moisture, mildew, constant cough....the 'rainy' season we call it. Not my favorite season, but I'm hangin' in there.

Today after church, my terrible-two-year-old son went out the back door and played in the muddy yard while I got lunch ready. He came in sloshing water and mud all over the floors I mopped yesterday. Lovely...

We cleaned him clothes, dry socks..and with in the hour we couldn't find him...we called...we called him some more...finally I saw him outside, in the rain, peeking in a window. He was soaking wet and took off running when our eyes clothes, dry socks...and a really nice spanking.

Maybe I need to invest in some rain boots and just let him go....poor guy. My bread lady told me that's what I needed. She said that Justice can never make it to her bread truck each day without splashing in every puddle along the way. And with three weeks of rain...we have plenty of those.

Ministry Update:
All is well! Michael's still teaching and preaching. I'm still smiling and day I'll be able to communicate the way I want to.....I'm such a slow learner.....At least I admit it....after all I have no idea what Twitter is......Sounds like a good name for a canary.


Anonymous said...

I'm spreading my wings and learning to tweet on twitter. I'm not sure of the whole concept, but you post these snippets throughout the day...what you're doing and stuff and you get followers. It's kinda weird a little. I'm not sure the point, but I did tweet this morning.

Rain boots are a good thing. When we lived in Maine, we all had mud boots. During spring and early summer EVERYTHING was mud from so much melting snow. Makes life much simpler.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Nina,
This is so funny because it reminds me of experiences i had with my children when they were little,though it wasn't funny then.LOL!!! But since I have graduated to the level of being a grandmother,I find myself on the side of the little ones. LOL!!!Have a great week!!!

Butler said...

How many more boy's did you say you wanted?

Do you remember one Sunday Bro Michael was dismissing us in prayer & you looked over at us & Dillon was doing the karate chop.
You laughed so hard & this is what you said,,,I don't get to see stuff like that I want a boy too.
Welcome to the world of boy's. He could be a TWIN. LOL.

Tori said...

Hey Nina,
Have you tried some of the WW recipe sites?

Here are a few:
Gina's Weight Watchers Recipes

WW Points Recipes

WW Recipes

Kitchen Parade WW Recipes

Anyhoo, there are a few good places to go for some recipes ideas.

You're doing great and 19 lbs. can be easily lost in 3 months!

Starla said...

I only use my twitter from my computer. I know you can text from your phone, but I probably can't text from my cell phone to twitter though. Besides rain boots you better get him a rain coat also, lol.

Jendi said...

Hi! Are you on Twitter? My page is, but I usually use Tweetdeck.

How to describe Twitter...blogging on steroids...really short posts about what you're doing... similar to Instant Messenger...way to make new contacts and get traffic for my blog...easy way to ask questions to a bunch of people...share media network...all for free?

I'd be glad to help you if you have questions. E-mail jendi at

The Hat Chick said...

I don't twitter. I do get mad when my peeps muddy my freshly mopped floor. I believe in modeling appropriate freak-out behavior so my peeps can do the same thing to their kids (like our parents did with us).

The boots are a good idea. Less freak-outs in your future. (I also believe in letting little people tromp through mud.)

Stephanie said...

I can sympathize with you on the muddy child and muddy house. Hayley has definitely had her moments of temporary insanity and has done that same exact thing, although I can't say it was twice in the same day... lol! I think your idea to invest in some rain boots is a great idea as long as he takes them off before coming inside!

(And I have no idea what a Twitter is so I guess I'm out of the loop, too. It's definitely piqued my curiosity. I'll have to Google that one later.)

Tabatha said...

the very reason I don't mop... it's an open invitation to little boys (and girls even!) to make a mess. And if I somehow manage to keep that from happening, D comes home and finds the cleanest spot to dirty up for me. LOL!
Twitter? I've heard some about it, but I do good to keep up with my blog once a week... once an hour (or more than once per day) would not work with my kids!

Sandy Sellers said...

sounds like Justice is having an adventure everyday. Love ya

Michelle said...

You got to love 2 year olds. I have one myself and he makes we want to pull my hair out most of the time. He is into everything!! I think that is why God made them so cute at that age.

You should get him some rain boots. 3 weeks is a long time to have rain. I can imagine that would get depressing. Hopefully the sun will come out soon.

Michelle said...

Oh yea..We got out Chuck 3D glasses on ebay. They said they gave them away at Pepsi stands but we never saw them. We paid $1.00 per pair. Not to bad.