Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ankles & Attention

My ankles that are rapidly approaching 40 years old, are not as spry as they once were. For that matter, nothing on my person is as spry as it thinks it is.

After a week and a half of my new exercise program, my left ankle is swollen double it original size, I can't raise my arms above my head and I have pains in places that I forgot existed.

Note to self: When beginning an exercise program after 15 years, take it slow....REAL slow.

I'm accompanied only by women at my gym. Women who stare at me, grunt at me and flip their hair when they walk by. One instructor talks about the size of my feet (43) while bragging that her shoe is a (37). I explained to her that my 9 year old daughter has bigger feet than she does. Although I am well aware that my feet are big, they've always been bigger than my peers, no one likes hearing that they have big 'anything' while working out.

After basically collapsing on the floor, my instructor told me to "get up and get at it!" I told her, "it hurts!" She said "where does it hurt?" I said, "everywhere...my whole body hurts, even my ears!" She said, "your ears hurt from listening to all those babies this weekend."

They're so amazed I have 5 kids. That I'm sane. (depends on who you ask) That I can smile and have a good time while exercising and that I can laugh at myself when I make a mistake with the language.

For the most part, all the other ladies are stand-offish right now. Just watching me. Seeing what I'm all about. Tripping over their feet to run and listen to me when they see me talking to someone.

They're curious.

It's a good thing I like attention.

My plan is to "kill them with kindness". Maybe I'll make a friend. Maybe my friend will come to church with me. Maybe my friend will bring her friends & family. Maybe my language ability will improve. Maybe I'll lose weight. Maybe I won't kill myself in the process.


Pam--in Estonia said...

Wow, I've found a fellow 43 wearer... not too many of us around; I'm convinced we're just special ;)

I'm not sure I could take everyone staring at me, especially at the gym. Keep that positive attitude though... the Lord is sure to use it!

Jungle Mom said...

A good plan! When my kids were little we would go out and people would tell us what good Catholics we were for having so many kids. (4?) For about 3 months we had 5 of our nieces and nephews with us and we had lots of people making the sign of the cross when they would see us! and gives us 'blessings!"

Jill said...

Sounds like you've got the best of all worlds. You can reach out to others, get some exercise, and get a little time for yourself away from the demands of home--all at the same time. I'd try it except for that pain thing ...

Jen said...

On our work day that other day, I helped haul one load of macadamia shells. That meant shoveling them onto the truck and then shoveling them out at our property. The next day I was SO sore! Did I mention I only did one load!?

Dani Joy said...

Man, Nina, don´t write this stuff when I am hormonal! I am balling now! I feel your pain!

I laughed a little sure, then I got to the end and started to ball! Good grief! Guess cause I relate so much! (ok it´s a little hormonal too) ;)

Great post! YOu go Girl!!! I am so proud of you! and God will give you the strength.

Oh, I started rubbing the flabby parts with almond oil and Romero oil. I found them at Mercadona. Do you have one of those? it´s a chain of grocery stores. Well, if not maybe I can send you some. Romero oil helps the swelling and the circulation.

I was told that almond oil helps the stretch marks and helps the flab to retract. (something like that) Of course I know it won´t all go away like magic but I am trying anyway.

for some reason the scales read a lb heavier this morning and I was so good! Soo I am mad at my scales and won´t step on them till Friday!!!! ( I think it´s water weight, what do you think?)

The Hat Chick said...

Are you trying to become a Hot Missionary Mom?! You go girl!

Tell those Portugese chics that big feet equal big brains, but don't ask me to translate it.

Mom said...

Yep, thats my kid! You keep killing with kindness and the Lord will bring em on in. (dont hurt yourself in the process)
Love you!

Pilar Stark said...

Nina, one question, how tall are you???? :)
That woman is rude!Are you paying them for that... hahahah. Girl, you are doing great!

liz said...

I don't know whether to laugh or give you a (virtual) hug. =)

Amber said...

Good for you! Sorry you're sore, but keep on killin' with kindness!

Sharon said...

You've got guts for sure! Personally, I don't like attention and those stares would have intimidated me. Keep up the good work and it will pay off in the end both physically and spiritually. :)

Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Dear Nina,
You are not alone...My daughter has 5 children and I couldn't be prouder of her... and two of them are only 10 months apart!! I may not know you personally but I am proud of you too!!!

TCKK said...

You are too funny! Hope you get some souls for your effort!

Anonymous said...

This post cracked me up. You should have linked it to Tuesday's Tantrum...you still can. Not that you're really throwing a tantrum or anything...

I've fallen off the treadmill bandwagon and it's hard to get back on. I've had two bad weeks and all the work I've done is gone. My legs are back to being jello - all wiggly and jiggly. It's a terrible shame.

My Portuguese grandmother used to tell my mother to rub my face with lemon juice in order to fade my freckles. I don't think they're very forgiving of odd characteristics like big feet or freckles.


Pam said...

What a creative way to be a witness! You must forge friendships and LIVE THE LIFE in front of the lost or weak. Then they know they can trust you. Praying for your exercising endeavors! As usual, your post made me smile.


Dear Nina, I think just "maybe" you will be able to do all those things. In fact I believe in you. I am sure that on the excerise floor you are making a very good impression with you sweet attitude. I do hope the swelling in your ankle goes down. I am sure that hurts a lot. connie

Betty said...

Good for you! Don´t give up. It gets easier...or not! :)

Janna Qualman said...

Well don't yell "Go me!" - they'll think you're presumptuous. ;) LOL

Good luck to you! I started some new exercise recently too (just at home), and wow, it's tough making it flawless.

Melissa Wertz said...

Nina, I see a great evangelistic opportunity.

Cease activity

If the ankle is double in size, be careful with it. Could be a strain, could be a break (though small), could be... 'ole Author coming to visit. Author came to visit me when I was 35! I quit exercising for a few weeks and my Heel and ankle swelled up double. Doc said it was b/c I had stopped exercising and that is just what happens. I started back and only have problems when I stop for a short period.


Melissa Wertz said...

Oh, and sometimes you have to work thru the pain... My knees... too many jumps whhen I was young. Now if I do not run, or step or jump, etc all the time.... Oh they hurt when I start back. Swell... But that is the way Author is. But when you work it out, it does not give you anymore trouble. :D

Anonymous said...

Do everything Melissa said and take an anti-inflammatory 4 times a day. Also, after rest for a few days and the swelling has resolved, wear an ace wrap when you begin and, as you said, start back SLOWLY. Are you warming up and stretching before exercise? That is important as well. Older parts need special care.

Those Portugese ladies don't know what they are in for, you will win them over being just the special woman the Lord made you. You won me and I'm your MOTHER-IN-LAW!

Your biggest fan,

Tammy said...

You crack me up! That takes guts, my friend. Hang in there, but go easy on that ankle.

I love your MIL's comment! :o)